April 15, 2018


4th area in Hachioji


Elder Joseph Budge

A new exercising goal and some weird stories


Okay so if you can read what’s above that’s okay. Hahaha just kidding. I will put it in translation right here. Okay so this week was a good one for the most part! To start it off, as a district we have made it a goal to do more exercise activities together. So we did that like every morning which was fun! My district is pretty cool and we get along pretty well, I think.

Anyways, man I’m having a hard time remembering this week. We also taught some lessons, had splits, cleaned the apartment for cleaning checks, and had interviews. We had a few member meals and went out to eat with another member from Fujisawa. I didn’t know him but we got invited too so It was fun.

That sums up what I did durning the week, but I have some more “big news”. First I would like to say that my interview went great with President. I got asked a lot questions about moving up in the mission. The thing is I felt that there was going to be something like that coming up for me. So I’m happy and also nervous! I mean I could do a lot of stuff no problem. I’m well-trained I think and I think I know enough Japanese to do what I need to do. I’m continuing to study every day and every free second I have I am trying to study words.

But on to the funny story of the week. Here it is...So my companion and I were doing a 配り会, which is a flyer hand out. This guy comes and starts talking to my companion and starts grabbing his arm and tells him he wants to be with my companion forever and follow us home and watch what we do as missionaries. We were like uuuuuhhhhh, bye. He kept following us. We just told him, 付いてこない下さい! That means don’t follow us. He kept following, so we brought that 痴漢 to the police and had them talk to him and we went home. That was so weird.

We had another weird experience. A guy came up to us, totally plastered out of this freaking universe, and he felt my elbow and then came straight up to my face and asked me where I was from. Then he asked us if we were going to go do bad things to women and we were like nope we are going, bye! Then he tried to shake my hand and grab my arm, but being me (way stronger this guy) I whipped my arm out and left. So weird.

That was my week. This week I will become part of a tri-companionahip. That is because one Elder in my apartment got called to be the AP (Assistant to the President)! So he will leave this Thursday. We will get transfer calls and I will be 12 (a 12-transfer missionary means he's been out a long time). Freak that’s older than a grandma with 12 kids! Lol But yeah that’s about it. Have a good week!

Elder Hatch 🐣

p.s. For my birthday I really just want money on my card. I can buy things here that fit me and or things I like. That may sound harsh but it’s true. Flower ties are on my wish list. Not super skinny ones but thinner one. Thanks for all you have done... I really appreciate it. It may not seem like it, but I do appreciate you guys so much! So thank you!
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