March 11, 2018


4th area in Hachioji


Elder Languido

Getting ready to send a companion home

Hey hey hey what’s up my good friends? Alright, this week was not a whole lot of fun, but I did have some fun though. This week we are just finishing up a transfer and my companion's last one. We had to meet with everyone that I haven’t met yet, so we had a bunch of lunch appointments and stuff like.

We had another Polynesian Night which was so cool. They did a lot of the same things but also a lot different things.

The last thing that was fun is that we had a meal at the member's home last nigh,t and it was so fun. I got to smash a pie in my companion's face. It was so fun. They said that in the Sapporo mission they do it when the missionary is about to finish their mission. So we did it here too. It was awesome and so fun.

So this transfer is about to end, and that means we get transfer calls today and I’m a little nervous because I know I have something big coming for me. I don’t know what it is, but I know it’s big. At least that is what I think will happen. I don’t know for sure what will happen, but I know it’s something I haven’t gotten before. Maybe... but other than that my week was not bad. Didn’t do a whole lot.

I at least have a ton of pictures I will send. I also had to speak this week in church, but they came up to me and said that they changed it to two weeks later, right before I had to speak, because they wanted to hear from the missionaries that are leaving. Then that night I prepared a message for the family we were visiting, and the same thing happened. They said they would have a message from their home teachers instead. Kinda lame, but ya know it’s how it goes right? Also sorry today is very very short. But that was what happend this week.

Elder Hatch

p.s. Also I forgot to say that I am literally to the point where I wake up and am dead tired still. Dang I just need a week straight of sleep. Also if you look in the pictures you can tell I’m more tired.

p.p.s. Hey I got my transfer call, and I will be the junior companion still and get Elder Budge as my new companion. I have met him before and know who he is.


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