March 5, 2018


4th area in Hachioji


Elder Languido

Warming up to the new area

Hey what’s up?! It’s been another week in Elder Hatch's life. Yeah they keep going faster and faster! It’s nice but not at the same time. That leaves not a ton of time for me to improve my Japanese. But I will try.

This week not a lot happened, but some stuff happened. Lol So this week we visited some members and less actives and stuff like that. That was good.

Then we had a few (2) member meals. It was great. The first one was with a missionary that was a missionary here and he eventually married a Japanese girl. We went to Shabu Shabu. Then we had one last night at the Nagahiro’s house I think. I’m still trying to get the names down. They made us hamburgers. They were really good.

Then we have been trying to get in contact with our investigator that has a baptismal date because we need to get him baptized, but we don’t know if it will really happen anymore. We will try to keep going. So one night we went to where he worked to see if we could find him and talk to him. But we found a former Mormon instead. He came up to us and gave us drinks and said he was an ex-Mormon. And then we asked him why he was, but he said for a lot of reasons. We told him that he could call us if he wanted to start up again. That was about all for the week.

The other thing is I have started to warm up to this area and people and all. So things are looking good from here on out, I think, but we will see. I am just doing my best and trying to work hard. Also a couple last things... first of all, I’m figuring out some of my hidden talents, like cooking, and learning what tastes good and what doesn’t. I also like to make some sweets too. I’ve said this before I think, but I’m “winning” the hearts of the members through some baking. Lol! The last thing is it’s getting warmer and more humid. I can’t wait but then again I don’t like humidity as a missionary...but whatever, I will survive, I think.

Elder Hatch


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