February 4, 2018


4th area in Hachioji


Elder Languido

A new area and some challenges

Yeah happy February. This week was transfer week. Yes I got to go to a new area, and I think I already told you what area I moved to and a new companion.

No I was not made a senior companion or trainer. Not yet at least. There is a possibility that next transfer I will become everything. I live with the Zone Leaders and they aren’t changing positions I think. This is my companion's last transfer as a missionary so I don’t know what’s happening next transfer. I don’t really care what happens because I really don’t want a ton of responsibilities. I’ve seen what it does to people and seen how people treat leaders too. I don't know if I could take it right now. I could but it would just add more stress and anxiety to me right now. I don’t say that because I’m lazy, I say it because I want to work on improving myself. That is my focus, me and my testimony.

From last transfer, my mentality and confidence are a little low so I have closed up more. I feel a bunch of pressure from everything....I need to have my Japanese be at a really high level, or I’m not good enough, or if I’m not as spiritual as the other person I’m not good enough. And so from that I have a new companion that is kind of like me but doesn’t really talk a whole bunch, and I have seen that in me too. I have closed up a lot because I’m afraid or judgment from everyone and anything. I’m afraid to speak some Japanese in the apartment because I’m not a native or don’t really trust anyone quite yet. So that’s kind of where I’m at.

This week has been a weird week. We didn’t do a whole lot, but we had a lesson or two and I love our investigators and they, I think, like me. The ward is okay. I bore my testimony in church for the first time on my mission without being volunteered or asked to. I introduced myself to people in this ward and tried to get to know them, but everyone is still hooked on the past missionaries and loves them more than us. That kind of sucks but I can only do my best, right?

I will continue to do my best and to become fluent in Japanese. I’m trying and trying my absolute best with everything right now. But what else can I do? Not a whole lot right now.

So the last thing I would just like to share is that we did at YSA [Young Single Adults] 配り会 (sorry I don’t know what it is in English), and that was okay! It was cold, but then we celebrated a Sister's birthday in our district and went to Yakiniku (焼肉) where it’s 90 minutes of however much meat you can eat. It was fun, and that’s all that happened this week.

I know you guys don’t want to hear my depressing things and what I'm going through, and if you want, I could put on a totally fake personality and pretend everything is okay.

Lol been there and done that. But here are some pictures and video.

Love Elder Hatch


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