January 14, 2018


3rd Area Tokorozawa in Musashino north zone


Elder Walter

Working despite illness

Well this week was, well... not the best, let’s put it that way. So what happend this week my companion got sick again. I don’t know how sick he actually got. But he did. Leading up to that we just had a pretty normal week.

We had a couple of lessons (like one), but it was good. To start off we played a little basketball with some kids, and it was so fun. We won I think, but it was two big white guys against six 15-year old kids. That was fun and it was a warm up for Thursday. The reason it was a warm up was because we went to play basketball on Thursday night at Kichijoji with an investigator of ours. Thursday was fun-all we did was plan and go to basketball.

Then the next day we had splits or were supposed to have splits with our zone leaders, but we got there and slept overnight, woke up, and my companion was sick. So we had to go all the way back to our place, and he slept the whole day and did nothing. And as for me, I studied, watched Church videos, and then went on splits with another Elder for the day. On Saturday he was sick again, so I went on splits again.

On Sunday we went to church with our investigator. This investigator is very interesting, and we are continuing to teach him. We aren't sure what will come of it. So that is about it for my week.

Elder Hatch

p.s. I got Krispy Kreme doughnuts too. They are good.


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