January 2, 2018


3rd Area Tokorozawa in Musashino north zone


Elder Walter

The expanding waistline--Elder Hatch felt the love for sure.

This week or the past two have been so bad! When I say bad, I mean for my waistline! I for sure know how missionaries in the USA feel with all of their meal invitations. And I’m so glad I’m not in their position all of the time.

Anyway, here’s what I’ve been up to these past two weeks. To start things off we had a zone blitz which means all of the missionaries come from all over (how ever many areas that are around you) and we go on splits (switch companions you are normally working with) and dendou around an area for a couple of hours. It was pretty fun because we got to do a lot of Christmas stuff.

Then after that I got on the cookie making train! The reason for that is because I had to bust out a million cookies (by myself) in like less that two-ish days! Kill me! But it’s okay I only had to make 170ish cookies for our ward members. So no big deal right.... jokes it was a pain in the butt! But I did it for the ward and so that we can strengthen this ward's relationships. The good thing is that I was able to do it with the little spare time I have as a missionary which is like one hour at night and an hour in the morning. So yeah I’m done making cookies for awhile.

For Christmas we gave cookies to each member and guess what? It freakin' worked! We got like 5 shoutouts from the pulpit. I was very happy about that.

After church we got like 5 million meal invites from our actions. But before I get into that I need to mention that our ward Christmas party was fun. We prepped it and it was a surprise to see how much the ward here loves Christmas. It’s so weird because here it’s flipped. Christmas is a couple's holiday and New Years is a big party. Actually during the party we had a ward member come up to us, actually a return missionary, and give us a referral (information about someone who might like to meet with the missionaries and learn about the gospel). So that was a very fun and productive party.

The next day is when my waistline stretched. It was Christmas Eve, and we only had one hour of church. We had a meal with a member and it was so good! I loved it. They were so nice and so fun to be with.

Then from that point on it was a blur of meals. We had so many! Half of the week consisted of meals with members for both lunch and dinner. It was insane and so fun. I enjoyed being with the members and talking to them and playing with their kids. I love playing with Japanese kids because they are like, "You are a giant!" It’s so fun hahaha. I love Japanese kids-they are so fun.

Aside from the kids, we did a lot of service. This week I did some landscaping/ destruction. It was fun. I love that kind of work. That also strengthened the relationship between us and the members. They were so impressed with my skills with power tools. They were like, "Wow you know how to use these things really well." I was like yeah I do, and they wondered where I you learned, and I told them about my job before my mission. They were so surprised and shocked. It was so funny to see their faces. It was awesome. So we did that.

I went on splits with these members' son that came home from his mission not too long ago. It was so fun because he is so fun to be with and so fun to dendou and see how he did things.

After that we had a lot of meals and stuff and got ready for New Years where we had to deep clean our apartment and church. When we had to clean the church, I didn’t do the cleaning. I cooked. Why? We walked in and we asked if we were cleaning today. They said yeah, and we asked if they needed help with cooking. They were like, sure so I helped and they were so surprised that me and the Japanese Elder were so good at cooking! So that was good.

Lastly, teaching our investigators has been going well and progressing, and my language is going pretty well but still a lot of rough spots. I'm still working and having fun. So Happy New Years and hope all is well.

Elder Hatch
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