December 3, 2017


3rd Area Tokorozawa in Musashino north zone


Elder Walter

Welcome Elder Walter

This week, was a much better week than last week. This week was also transfers, and I stayed in Tokorazawa. I also got a new companion that is from Oregon, and his name is Elder Walter. He is basically like me, which is good and fun, but sometimes it's bad because we just sometimes don’t have time to eat or study or prepare.

We found some people and had a lesson this week. So this week we started using the new Christmas video, which is really good because you can show it and it makes 伝道 so much easier. And when you don’t know Japanese it’s even better! So by using that video we found a lot of people and found people interested in the true meaning of Christmas. It’s really helpful.

This week we also have had a lot of luck finding people which was good, and I’m also learning a lot of Japanese and trying my best and even harder to improve my language, self and everything. I can only do my best right?[The perfectionist that I am comes into play here which is good and bad. Bad because it causes a lot of stress and stuff like that. But I think I can do it. We will see]. So that was fun.

Also, we got to go over to a member's house for dinner on Sunday because it was fast Sunday. That was one of my highlights of the week. The reason for that is because their children are so cute and fun.

So yeah, not a lot of other fun stuff happened this week. I have a lot of pictures too. So here they are. Hope you enjoy my week.

Elder Hatch

Ps: I get to go to Costco today. It’s going to be fun. Also I played rock, paper, scissors for one hour or two on Sunday night with the family we ate with. Haha it was fun!

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