November 5, 2017


3rd Area Tokorozawa in Musashino north zone


Elder Gilbert

Japanese gangsta clothes and a new nickname

Okay this week some stuff happened. There was a conference with the area presidency, like with Elder Choi and some other people that I forgot. It was good. I learned a lot. They were talking about how to work with
members more. It was cool, and I learned a lot about how to work with members. That is one thing that is hard to do here. But we are trying hard, and can I just say I'm soooo tired! I still have some of a cold I think, but it's mostly over, I think.

That conference was good and was on Friday. So we did that and then went out to eat. That wasn't even really that good.... lol. The next day me and another Elder felt it the next day. Let's just say that our stomachs were not good! Actually my stomach has been messed up for a long time. I'm just trucking through it. I just have to buck up and get through it I guess. I just don't like to look weak, so I just go until I can't or get through it. Haha I guess you can say I'm a little crazy sometimes. But whatever. So that was the conference and one highlight of my week.

Another highlight, and the one that I always talk about, is my language. I have grown in my language skills. I think it's because I have a Japanese person in my apartment. I always talk to him in Japanese/English but more Japanese.
If I don't know a word I say it in English and he understands. But also I've got the mindset that everything is practice so I practice like 24/7 it feels like.

Along with that I also got to see a recent convert this
week too. I haven't seen him since transfer three (an earlier transfer date)-so a long time. I saw him and he lit up! I did too because I was like, I haven't seen you in forever! It was a good time. He also knows one of the Elders in my
apartment so he came and talked to both of us. He brought some cake and some gifts( I didn't know about this),and he gave me some clothes and told me they were Japan's "gangster" clothes. I was like cool!! Lol and he was
like you're a gangster because you like rap music. I was like you got me but he was like I want to be like you. I want to be a missionary and look cool like Elder Hatch. I was like I'm not that cool but okay go for it. I'm not going to stop him. He also said that my Japanese is
so so good. I'm like what?? It's okay, but he was like no it's good. So I'm like thank you. So that was that, and I have gangster clothes and a new nickname.

Also he's not the only one that has said that nickname. So there is another Elder Hatch in this mission and apparently he like lived under a rock so they call me gangster Hatch. Why? Idk, maybe it's because I'm just laid back and really fun. But idk, I really don't, why they said that.

Okay the last fun thing that happened this week was we had a meal with a family that was named the 松岡 (sorry I
only know the kanji for it). But they were fun. And also their kids were so crazy!! They were so cute and were climbing on us like a jungle gym. It was crazy! And as missionaries we can't like hold or pick up kids, so I was like, what are you doing?! But 5 minutes into it, I just gave up and let them climb on me. They really loved us and me and stuff. It was fun. I love their family.

I think that's all for this week. I have pictures too. And also if you want to send anything for Christmas send it like now or in the next week. They have asked us to say that to everyone that wants to send us something so they don't get backed up at the mission office--just something to make things run smoothly. Thanks


Elder Hatch

p.s. Also there these girls on Halloween that saw us and were like happy Halloween! And I was like okay... then we saw them again and they were like, "Hey can we take a picture?" I was like whatever, so they took it and we gave them an English class flyer.


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