October 8, 2017


2nd Area: Yokohama Zone/Kohoku Area


Elder Arnett

The greatest P-day and a change may be coming

Okay who is ready for another week of Elder Hatch's mission life? It's so fun to hear right? JK. This week we first went to Endoushima for P-day which was dope! We basically explored the island and saw a bunch of things. That was probably the funnest P-day ever. Our district and the Kichijoji district went, and it was fun to see some other familiar people too.

So after that, the rest of the week had a couple of highlights. We went to Tsunashima and dendoued and did a kubari Kai. And while I was doing the kubari, this older lady came up to me and started talking to me and wouldn't stop talking to me. We talked for like 30 minutes. And then at the end she gave me a chocolate pound cake and went to McDonald's.

The next day we had scout English class. We now we teach that on Wednesday night to high school girls and boys. So we are always drained after that. Then on Thursday night we teach regular English class. So now we have two full days of English class. Kill me!! It's pretty fun.

Then we had a lesson with our investigator and recent convert this week. The lesson we had with our investigator was half English and half gospel lesson. That was pretty cool, and he is fluent in English so it was easy to teach him.

We had a lesson with the recent convert of ours. It was a good lesson and he and his wife said that my Japanese has gotten, better but I still need work. I think I'm pretty good for not being a year out yet though. Also my kanji skills are improving too. So good things happening there.
This is the last lesson with us, and then the home teacher will take over from now on.

Then we just had General Conference. That was good for the most part, and we had a different recent convert that we have been trying so hard to get to church and we got him to Conference, so that was good. That meant we had to go to the sessions in Japanese.... and I can tell you 3 out of the 5 sessions I didn't understand completely. But I did it! So now I have a lot of reading to do.... but whatever.

My time here in Yokohama is coming to an end I think. This is my 6th month here or a little more, but I hope if I move it's somewhere with a 4 man apartment and not a crap ton of hills. (Jk I like the hills a little bit) but yeah that about wraps up my week. Hope you all enjoy!

Elder Hatch


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