October 2, 2017


2nd Area: Yokohama Zone/Kohoku Area


Elder Arnett

An idol group, feeling the Spirit, and the language is blossoming

Okay so first of all this week was filled with interesting experiences and weird people. First there was this event going on this week in Shin-Yokohama that was called an "idol" group. And here in Japan there are these weird groups of like people who are "idols" that
people are just in love with. There was an idol group singing at this nearby place, and we walked down to see what was up because we saw everyone, and I mean everyone wearing pink shirts or just decked out in pink. (even guys)(mostly guys)

So yeah we walk down and stop this guy on the way. We asked him what was the event that was going on. He explained it to us, and we were like that's weird. We could hear a very very high pitched anime character's voice that was preforming. Then we tried to share our message with him, and he got closer to my companion. We shared with him what we were doing, and says he has no interest and pats my companion on the shoulder and walks away! We both looked at each other like what just happened?! We decided to go away from that place because it attracted weirdos!!

The event of this week was going to our friend Itou's house. They are a less active couple and an older one that we helped bring back into activation. We had a meal and a practice lesson with them, and the
dinner was good. But this couple is like your grandma and grandpa. They just kept giving us more and more food. But it's okay because we love them.

We had a great practice lesson with them. We taught
the gospel of Jesus Christ to them and everything. It was great.

I also had one of those gift of tongues moments I think because all the sudden I just started saying some thing and I went on forever with it
and said all the right things. After that happened everyone was shocked, even my companion. Like I know this language, but I was just too afraid of making mistakes or giving myself enough credit for what I do know. That's because I've had some bad experiences in the past.

They (the Itous) were both shocked too. They were like, "Elder Hatch your Japanese is so good." I could
really feel the Spirit. And I also thought to myself that I just said what was in my head and what came to me. So from that point on it gave me more confidence in speaking and now I can understand and speak a
lot more than before. Pretty cool I think.

The next thing is that we had a lot of meals this week. We had three meals from members, and that's a lot here in Japan. The first one was the family called the Itakura family, and the second one was the
itous and the last one was the Taneda family. They were really good and so nice. I will include pictures.

Next on my list was the best house we have to clean. Hahah, it didn't get any cleaner this week. But I did
get a couple of cool old things from his house. But his houses still a mess.

Okay next was one night we went to a place called center Minami and there we found a new investigator and a bunch of other weird stories. So first we found this American. His name was Seth, and he is an English teacher here. We talked to him for a
little bit. He was cool.

And then we found a new investigator. He was
cool and all, and then right in the middle of our discussion this random guy comes and says, " Hey Elders!!" And he then said, "Am I interrupting
anything," then went on to say, "Yeah I was a missionary back then." And we were like what!! Really?? He served in Peru. And then he started going off on temple stuff (sacred stuff). We just kinda let him talk and then told him to leave. It was a weird conversation.

The last thing is I had a 30 min conversation in Japanese and understood it!
So yeah that's it.

Hope you all enjoy the letter.

Love Elder Hatch


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