September 24, 2017


2nd Area: Yokohama Zone/Kohoku Area


Elder Arnett

Lots of service...that's what missionaries do.

Okay this week was busy and just tiring!! I can say now that I'm becoming an older missionary because I get way way more tired. I feel like night just turns into minutes... it's not fun at all but whatever.

This week we had a lot of finding time. That is basically all we do here, day in and day out. We also have meetings.

We were able to go to this restaurant where it was all you can eat meat for 90 minutes and you can grill it on your own. It was expensive but I guess worth it. Don't worry it wasn't like high quality meat. It was Japanese style meat, so small and okay. That was fun.

Then we got to go back to the mental hospital and help out some more. I've been there a lot so I've done like everything there. It was alright service. T

Then we got to have a meal with a member in our ward. They are American but one served a mission here in Japan and one in Honduras. So they were fun and we had a great time.

The next day we had our "favorite house to clean" service activity. This is the one guy we always help, and he has had missionaries over for countless years. They have gotten nowhere... it a little discouraging but it's his house. He also wants to start his own massaging business out of his house. We are like um, okay, like you need to clean first and get the mice out first. Haha it's so bad!

We had English class and weekly planning where we plan our whole week for like 3 hours. Then we had district meeting which is always fun to get together for a meeting.

Okay so the next thing I'm going to tell you is something you need to try. So we have three Turkish restaurants on one road and they are the same thing. They sell this food called a kebab which is the food picture I sent you. It's like a meat sandwich. It is so good. The meat is cooked on a skewer and rotates. The meat consists of chicken, pork, and beef. It's so good and a new one opens up really close to the train station. September is really cheap too. Only 4 dollars for the big size and it is so good! So far we have gone twice.... in the same day... for lunch and dinner. HahaI, it was so good. But okay enough of that, I've got to stop thinking about it so I don't buy another one. But yeah good stuff.

To end the week, we met this family a week or so back and they were interested in our English class. These classes are ones we can meet anywhere and whenever to teach, and it's half Nakisha lesson and half gospel lesson. They had a lot of interest. We visited them again because they emailed us saying they felt bad taking it because it's free, sort of a thing. So we went back and explained to them that it's what we do. We serve people, and do things for free. They kept doubting it. We explained it more to them, and they said they would think about it more and email us their decision. Unfortunately they don't have any interest, we think. Fun family and cute kids. They were really nice and still waiting to hear from them again.

Other than that, that was my week for ya. Hope you enjoyed it. Haha

Also I'm going to have to take some money out for new bike pedals because I broke my other ones... oops..

Love Elder Hatch🤰🤰


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