September 17, 2017


2nd Area: Yokohama Zone/Kohoku Area


Elder Arnett

Fall is coming and it feels great!

This week not much happened. We just went to a Ramen museum last Monday and that was pretty cool. We got to see what 1960s Japan looked like. That was fun.

Then we had a lesson with our Philippine friend and that was good. We got to teach him Japanese and share a moral message with him. It was good to teach Japanese. It helped me a little bit I think.

Then we had zone conference, actually stake zone conference. So we got to see everyone from our stake and it was good to see everyone and some new people. We had that conference in Yamate where the first 4 missionaries that came to Japan first came. And so it was so special to see the history in it. We also had this old guy come and talk to us about how it looked back in the day and how it's changed. It was interesting.

Man fall is coming and it's getting nicer and nicer as the days go on. So that means it's easier to find people right? Nope it's still the same. But we did find some people and did have some lessons. We had this lesson with a recent convert. It was after we had to baby him out the door and make sure he came to church and everything. But we had a lesson with him after like 2-3 weeks. Then we got stood up by our friend Kenta san. We had a first lesson with him and we prepared so much and he didn't show up, after we waited like 40 minutes. But whatever it's all good I guess.

Then other than that we had English class and actually had our Philippine friend come and observe because he teaches English at his work and needed some ideas. He came and gots some ideas.

Then the last thing is that we had another lesson yesterday, it was with a Chinese person. She spoke English and Japanese. We were suppose to have her and her husband but she only showed up. So we taught her some English and our message. She was really accepting and wants to learn more I think. So we will see.

Okay so I will end with a funny story. So yesterday after we got done teaching the Chinese ladies lesson we headed back home because we hadn't eaten dinner and it was like 8 at night. So we haven't eaten since about noon. We were hungry. I also had to go to the bathroom bad. So we found a 7-11 and wentto the bathrooms to find that they are both used. I had to go so bad, so I go back one more time and realize a single stall wasn't being used. Guess which one it was? Yes that's right it was the girls. I didn't care and went in the girls single stall. Note this is not a big bathroom; it's only one toilet. So I go in and and stay in there for a while. Some time goes by and this group of high school girls come and said that it was scary that someone was in the girls one, and they may have seen me go in. So I hurried up and got out before they knew it was me. At least I don't think they saw me. All in all I went in the girls bathroom and ran. The end.

Love Elder Hatch


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