August 22, 2016



Semana 33- Bliss Phones Explanation

How are you.

Fa, walking over here we passed by a car up in flames. Nobody around, just a burning car in the middle of the street.

So here in Argentina they have a ton of different churches. Like a ton. And honestly i dont know how they can have more people then our church. We saw one this week that was just absolutely ridiculous. It was a church evanjelico but had a big poster of Jesus Christ with a lightsaber. Definately the most rediculous church advertisement i´ve seen this far in the mish. Or there is a ton of churches that use our images on their signs. Pretty funny to see a church with a poster of the same picture on our restoration pamphletts.

I actually started off my week working in Chuckabooku with elder DeSousa. He just started his mish about 3 weeks ago, and is from Brazil. Had a really cool day finding a bunch of new investigators with him, speaking in his mix of Spanish and Portugese.

The church threw a really cool cultural event this week that we were able to bring 2 of our investigators too. Sonidos de mi tierra (Sounds of my Earth). A bunch of Argentina folklore music. Enjoyed it a lot, the folklore stuff is super fun. A bunch of guitars and other instraments in a style that is distinct and really cool.

The work here has been really good this past week, working with a lot of cool people, and finding new people. We have an investigator named Javier who i love a ton. He suffers with esquizofrenia and does amazing art. Has a lot of difficulties in his life that he has to deal with. But his strength and faith is incredible.

I gave a talk in church this week, went pretty well. I´m really loving the ward here, some really amazing people.

Sorry that was all over the place. Love you guys.

Los héroes no nacen, sino que se hacen.

Elder Christensen


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