April 11, 2016



Semana 15- The View

So this week we´ve been having a ton of problems with our apartment, but its been kinda funny. So we havent had electricity this whole week so we´ve been studying by candle light. Our laundry machine cault fire, and believe it or not, our fridge cault fire as well. Haha So it´s been an interesting week.

We had an amazing baptism this week of a man named Jose. We baptised his wife like 4 weeks ago but he has been working on quiting smoking. Everybody here smokes and it´s really hard for them to stop when they´ve been smoking a pack a day since they were twelve. But he worked so hard and quit. Such an amazing moment to see him, his wife, and little girl this happy with the goal to get sealed together. I got to give a talk at his babtism about the holy ghost.

We´ve mainly been working hard this week to get new investigators. There is this new family that is really amazing. I love going there because they have literaly 10 dogs, and their kids are so cool. I never thought I could love anything as much as i love the people of Argentina. It kills me not being able to express that due to the language barrier. Thats why i do so good with the kids, because we can just play and have fun, but the parents I have a hard time talking too.

The spanish is getting better. The area of Renacimiento is really hard to learn spanish in because they speak using like 100% slang. And they´re really hard to understand because they´re missing a ton of teeth, but it gets better and better everyday. I´m just glad they can understand me.

Church attendance has been getting better, we still bless and pass sacrament every week but we´re getting more in-actives back to church.

Still working hard and loving every second!

Con amor,
Elder Christensen


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