August 21, 2018



Your Life

So we worked like crazy with all the people we had to get them to church this week. But when sunday hit we went and looked for some, called others and noone showed up. Kinda disapointing, but there is this one member kid we work with a lot and he brought a friend who is super cool!! He loved the church so we`ll be working with him a lot more.

Also we`ve been able to find a ton of people, so excited for that. So today was my last p`day, last week in the mission. It definately hasnt hit me yet, i know it`s gonna kill me when i finally realize all of this is coming to a end. Just grateful for all of the amazing experiences that i`ve had and for all of the amazing people i`ve met and been able to help.

The mission has been a lifechanging experience and i honestly cant imagine leaving Argentina, having to stop speaking castellano, and not being with all of my friends. I`ve definately changed a lot as a person, god has molded me into such a better servant of his and i just want to keep changing and getting better, using everything i`ve learned these last 3 years haha. Thanks for reading my letters, i love all of you guys and am excited to see you soon. my homecoming will be Sept 9 at 10am at the Stake Center
7361 Constellation Way, Gilbert AZ, 85298


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