June 12, 2018



(I Say So)

We´ve had a really good week here. Have been working a lot with the people we have and it´s been amazing to see the changes and how god has been working with the people.

Em so we saw a ton of miracles on my birthday. We have been teaching this lady names Laura and we havent been able to fine her for like 2 weeks but we found her and she had read like all of first Nefi. And she was like "i dont know why, but ive been thinking about what you guys tault me and i want to get baptised". And we explained she had to get married first and we went up to her husband in the other room "we need to get married so i can get baptised, i want you do get baptised too cuz i want our family in this."

Also the family Caballero have been really good, they lost a good family friend this week so it´s been hard for them, the funeral was sunday so they couldnt come to church. But they are so cool.

Also the kid Miqueas who was gonna get baptised but the baptism fell through should be getting baptised this sunday. Also on sunday one of the few youth brought her boyfriend to church with her and he was really interested and liked it. Passed by on monday and tault him and he accepted to get baptised.

Things are starting to pick up here in Villa Allende, super grateful for all the miracles that we´ve seen.

-Elder Christensen


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