October 14, 2019


Santa Rosa, Copán, Honduras (Dolores Branch)


Elder Vasquez

Press Forward

Hey everyone! I don't have too much time but I'm doing great and learning so much every day. Here in Santa Rosa it's absolutely gorgeous and I'm loving it so much. I can't believe it, it is actually cold at night. I even had to borrow a thin blanket from some members so I could stay warm at night - it is amazing!!! The branch here is really strong. We had 166 members show up for church last Sunday. To put that in perspective, in my last ward in San Pedro Sula we typically only had 60 or so members show up. The member here are great and really supportive. It is also awesome because we have a member who cooks and does laundry for us! It is sooo nice to not have to spend the majority of my p-day trying to scrub out white shirts - lol! The only downside to being here in Santa Rosa is the water situation. We are so far out in the country that the water only gets turned on every 8 or 9 days. The worst part of it is that the tank on the outside of our house that is supposed to collect the water when it does get turned on has a huge leak in it. So within an hour the tank is completely empty. We are having to buy 5 gallon bottles of water almost every day in order to have something to wash up with and drink. Also, I forgot to mention my new companion.
His name is Elder Vasquez. He is from Bolivia. He is super cool and I am loving working with him. Sorry I don't have much time today. I had to spend a lot of my p-day filling out a program for my plan for when I come back but everything is going well. Thanks for all of your prayers and all of your support! have a great week!
Elder Ludlow


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