March 11, 2019


Choloma, Cortes, Honduras (Choloma Ward)


Elder DeLeón


Hola! How is everyone doing?! I'm doing good and everything is going well here in Choloma. Sorry it's been a really hard few weeks and we didn't have the chance to write the last two weeks. The last three weeks have been seriously crazy. To summarize it, I'm in my third house here in Choloma, yes you read that correctly my THIRD house in Choloma. This last transfer the president decided to split our area into two areas. We had a new set of missionaries that arrived and we had to find them a house before they got here. We couldn't find a place for them to live anywhere in their portion of the new area except for close to the house where we have been. So we ended up renting this new house and we had to change houses again and give them our old house. Hopefully, they will be able to find a house that is actually in their part of the new area. Until then, they got our house and we got to move into a new one. No worries, it is a pretty nice house too. The problem with this is that it took up a ton of our time trying to work out these issues. Along with the housing issues we also had a ton of extra work to do to get all of the Elders in our zone ready for their various transfers. Needless to say it has been difficult to find time to focus on our area and our investigators.

I got to speak to my parents today and it was soooo awesome to talk to them. I shared an experience with them that I want to share with all of you. Last Tuesday we were contacting on the street and this guy came up to me and started talking to me. He was really engaging and friendly. For the first 20 minutes we talked in Spanish and then he suddenly switched to English, which he spoke perfectly. It turns out that he lived in the States for 20 years but then was deported. His two daughters are still in the States. He has tried many times to convince them to come to Honduras to visit him but they are really scared to come down here. So then he asked me if I would let him make a video of me. I was like, what???? He said he wanted me to talk to them in English and let them know that Honduras wasn't all that bad and that even a blonde gringo like me could live down here and be safe LOL. I wasn't sure what to think. My companion told him that we were on our way to an appointment but that if he wanted to come to Church on Sunday we could help him do a video afterwards. We gave him the address and then honestly didn't think much else about it. Lo and behold we get to church on Sunday and there he is bright and early. He attended church with us and afterwards told us how much he enjoyed the services. I bore my testimony and let him know that I knew the church was true. I could tell we both felt the spirit. Afterwards I helped him make a short video. I basically explained that I am a missionary and what we are doing. I ended with my testimony. Who knows, maybe his daughters will have some interest! I know that Heavenly Father puts people into our path.
We have really been struggling to get the members here in Choloma to participate in missionary work. Choloma is the industrial center of the country and most of the members work in the factories. They work long hours which makes it hard for them to help us out. We still have seen miracles though! On Thursday we were blessed to be with Andrés Diaz as he got baptized, and it was amazing! What a cool experience. He was nervous but so ready and excited about it. The baptismal service went super well and afterwards he shared his testimony and it was just so pure and so amazing. It was wonderful!! I'm so grateful for this gospel. After the baptism Andres turned to my companion and said, "Thanks for showing me the perfect gospel." It was just amazing! I'm so grateful for this work. I have to get going because p day has come to an end. But I promise to write more next week! Love you all and have a great week!

Elder Ludlow


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