July 9, 2018


San Marcos, Ocotepeque, Honduras (San Marcos Branch)


Elder Gimenez

Don't Drink the Milk!!!

Cheque leke ocuetapeque sicuetepeque arroz con leche. (That's a funny rhyme that I learned). It has been a great week full of the truth. Although I got sick again, this week we had a lot of success and felt God's hand guiding us in our work. I hope everyone had a great week and an awesome 4th of July! USA USA USA! Woot woot! Actually funny story is that I didn´t even remember that it was the 4th of July until nightime when I was writing in my journal LOL. Real patriotism I know right! Of course down here it was just another random Wednesday. Anyways I've learned a lot this week and we've been having a lot of success!

We've seen a lot of progress and also some difficulties with our investigators this week:

Familia Cortez Asencio- Everything is going great with David and Eñia and if all goes as planned we will have their baptism this Saturday. I am so excited to see them enter into the waters of baptism! We'll be holding their baptism in a river in our area. The best part is that there isn't any necessary preparation to fill up the font or set up chairs. I'm so happy for them and the decision that they are making to follow Jesus Christ by making the first covenant of baptism. It's just a step to them becoming an eternal family and being sealed in the temple.

José Mejía- It's been a bit of a rough week with José. On Wednesday we went on exchanges with two other elders in our district and my companion and another elder went to visit José on Wednesday but he wasn't there. On Friday we went to pass by his house and we couldn't find him and then as we were leaving we found him and he had drunk alcohol again. It was sad but we visited him the next day and assured him that it was possible to really stop drinking and we're really hoping that with the help of the Lord that he can overcome this addiction. We passed by on Sunday morning to invite him to come to church. He said he was going to try to make it but he didn't show up sadly. I'm really hoping that we can help him a lot this week.

Andrés Amalla- It was also a rough week with el Tío because we didn't have the chance to visit him this week. On Tuesday we went to visit him and he wasn't home and then on Thursday we had an appointment but I was sick and we couldn't make it so we're still not sure what the situation is and if he has gained a testimony of the Book of Mormon and the restoration. But he did come to church for the first hour which was awesome! We are hoping to make some progress with him!

Familia Peña Turjios- This is a new family that we found this week while contacting and they are super cool. The mom is named Karla and she is super nice and has a lot of questions about the church. Her husband is named Maxamiliano which I thought was like the coolest thing ever because it's Maximillian in English. They have two daugthers and they run a pulpería (small store) in their house. Maxamiliano is also trying to stop drinking alcohol and we're hoping to be able to help him do it. This week we taught them about the Restoration of the Gospel and I felt the Spirit strongly as we testified of Joseph Smith's experience and of the Book of Mormon. We passed by on Sunday for Karla and she came to church with us. She told us that she really enjoyed it. I'm super excited for this family!

Katerín Altamirano- Katerín is doing well. We taught her the plan of salvation this week and she liked it. She still hadn't prayed about the Book of Mormon. We're hoping that she has prayed about it prior to our appointment with her tonight. She's really receptive and I have faith that she's going to progress!

Lucy- Lucy's situation hasn't changed much but she did come to church and she's a bit more happy so we're keeping her in our prayers.

So ya we have a lot of people we're teaching and it almost feels like there's not enough time to visit all of the people that we need to visit! But we're truly seeing miracles. I really believe that the Lord led us to La Familia Peña Turjios and I have faith that miracles are going to happen there and that they can one day live forever together as a family based in gospel principles. This week we had 7 investigators come to church which was awesome! They all said that they really enjoyed church and felt the Spirit. At church Elder Gimenez and I gave talks on missionary work and I shared a story in the bible that I'd like to share here. It is found in John 21 and it is when Jesus asked Peter three times if he loved him and then he gave the commandment "Feed my Sheep" . This is our call as true disciples of Jesus Christ to feed his sheep and share the gospel with everyone. We need to do everything we can to show our love for the Savior and Feed His Sheep. I know that when we minister to others and share the gospel that we will be blessed and we will be filled with joy.

I got sick again this week because I drank milk that I found out later was straight from a cow. So I learned my lesson. Don't drink the milk, at least not the raw unpasteurized variety haha.

Anyways I'm having so many wonderful experiences and I'm loving it out here. I love you all and have an amazing week!

Elder Ludlow


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