March 19, 2018


Las Vegas, Honduras (Mochito Ward)


Elder Burt

Happy Early Father's Day!

Feliz Día de Padre a todos! Tuve una buena semana que se fue bien rápido. So ya it´s actually Father´s Day down here in Honduras haha. It´s somehow before Mother´s day and on a Monday which is super weird but cool! So just first off, I want to pay tribute to my amazing Dad and all that he has done for me. He is such a great example of hard work and the man I want to become someday. I love you Dad!
So this week was good! And it flew by! We had divisions with our Zone Leaders on Tuesday so we went to Potrerillos and I spent the day with Elder Hurtado our new zone leader which was great! It´s funny because he has certain phrases that he says over and over again like "que genial", "excellente" and "me llega" which was fun. Then on Wednesday we had interviews with our Mission President which went super well! And on Friday we had a baptism! But more on that later. First of all some fun facts and stories from Las Vegas, Honduras:

1. Everyone calls people who have darker skin "trigueño or trigueñito" and people with lighter skin "chele or chelito" and it´s not racist or anything. Like the other day we were with a less active member named Sandra and she looks like she´s an American because she has lighter skin. She´s from Santa Barbara, Honduras and apparently everyone down there has super light skin and looks like Americans. So people call me "chele or chelito" sometimes haha.
2. "La Cena Típica" or "the typical honduran dinner" is something that we have about 3 times a week on average down here and Elder Burt says that in other areas it´s even more. At first I wasn´t a big fan of it but I´m getting more and more used to it. Cena Típica consists of a plate with eggs (either scrambled or fried), red beans, and chorizo or some kind of sausage, mantequilla (a sour cream down here that I don´t like that much haha) and tortillas. But this meal is super common down here and I´m getting more and more used to it!
3. I don´t know how it happened but I like tomatoes now. I didn´t use to like tomatoes by themselves but now I really like them and eat them all the time with salads and stuff so that´s weird!
4. "Si Dios permite" is the common response of investigators when we invite them to come to church. It means "If God allows" and when investigators say this it´s always funny because we respond with "Hermana, God always wants us to go to church and he´s going to permit you to go" Then they laugh and say they should go to church.
5. Phone numbers down here are different. They are eight digits instead of seven. And they´re written like this ####-####
6. Everyone down here wants to come to the U.S. and they always say that it´s super beautful there but for me it´s like a thousand times prettier in Honduras. I guess the grass is always greener on the other side haha.
So we had a baptism on Friday for Hermana Gabi Pérez which went super well! On Friday morning we went with the sister missionaries to the church to get the font filled up and clean and set up for the baptism. It was funny though because an hour before the baptism Elder Burt and I were walking to an appointment and one of the members in our ward came running to us and told us that most of the water in the font had drained! We thought he was joking but we went over to the church and he was right, almost all the water had drained out! And then we saw the issue: The sister missionaries had started the water to fill up the font and forgot to put the drain cap on so that it wouldn´t drain away. Elder Burt had to take off his shoes and roll up his pants to get in and put the cap in place. It was hilarious! I will attach some pics. So we had to fill up the font again and we filled it up just in time for the baptism and everything went well. Along with Gabi an investigator of the sister missionaries named Josue got baptized! They were both confirmed yesterday in Church so everything went well!

Now to update with our investigators this week:

Gerson Bañegas: Rough with Gerson this week. He just isn´t keeping his commitments and we hardly got to talk with him. We were talking with his mom on Saturday while he was out of town and she told us that he had told her that he doesn´t want to get baptized anymore :/ We´re not sure why. We still have to talk to him but it looks like we´re cancelling his baptism. We are hoping we can make some progress this week.

Vanessa: We made some real progress with Vanessa this week! We worked hard to go with her so that she could pay for all of the papers that she needs to get married with Amilgar. And the members of the ward made a good donation to help her out with it. On Thursday her boyfriend told us that he´s going to go to Santa Barbara, Honduras to finalize the papers they need. They´re getting really close!

Betzy Flores: So there´s been some confusion on her name haha. At first we thought it was Betzy and then we thought it was Becksy but now we have confirmed that it is Betzy haha. But she is doing awesome! She came to church again this week and said that she loved it and could feel the Spirit. We also let her choose her baptism date this week and she chose to be baptized on April 7th which will be awesome! Super exciting!

Elio Castellanos: Another rough week again with Elio. We tried almost every day to talk to him but couldn´t find him until last night. It´s really hard to see Satan working hard on him. He´s really fixated on the problems with his ex-girlfriend and is allowing it to take over his life. We´re really hoping to make some progress with him this week! Please keep him in your prayers!

Kenneth: He is 12 years old and loves coming to church. We´re working with him and his family and hoping that he will be able to get baptized soon!

We have a few other investigators but I´m running out of time to write about them. I just want to testify of the truth of this gospel. It is the truth and the Holy Ghost has born witness to me of the truthfullness and it continues to do so. Whoever truly seeks for the truth shall find it and to him that knocketh it shall be opened up to him. We talked with some less active members and its sad to see them missing out on the blessings of the gospel but I felt the Spirit so strongly as we testified of the truthfulness of this gospel.

I love you all so much and have a great week!
Cheque pues adios
Elder Ludlow


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