February 5, 2018


Las Vegas, Honduras (Mochito Ward)


Elder Burt

Mochito Rocks!

Esta semana era muy ocupado y creo que esta semana que viene será bien ocupado tambien. Pero ocupado significa bueno ha ha. Y amo la obra misional, realmente esta obra es la obra del Señor. Hey everyone! Another great week down. Every week I'm going to write a little more about what its like in Honduras as I remember stuff ha ha. So first things first, when we are walking in the street and say "buenas" or "hola" to someone the most common response is "que le vaya bien" which basically means "that you may go well". Also the word "vaya" is really popular down here. It translates to the command word "go" but people use it all the time. Especially on the phone. At the end of the call people just say "vaya" until you hang up ha ha its really funny. Also it's really common to say the word "verdad" which means "true" after you say something. For example, " Sabemos realmente que la iglesia de Jesucristo fue restaurado en el mundo verdad?" It sounds weird but everyone does it ha ha. Or they say "va" instead of "verdad" sometimes and it means the same thing ha ha it doesn't make sense. Anyways another unique thing down here are the "bolsas de agua" or bags of water. This is the cheapest and definitely the strangest way to drink clean water down here in Honduras. It is literally exactly what it sounds like. You go to a pulperilla and order a bag of water. It is a little bag filled with water and to drink it you bite off a corner of the plastic, spit it out, and then start to sip the water from the corner with a hole in it. It is really strange ha ha. Another funny thing is that people don´t have lawn mowers down here so they use a machete to cut their lawns. I can only imagine how long it would have taken me to cut my lawns at home with a machete. Oh and the word for "cool" or how I like to use it for "that's dope" in Honduras is "masiso". So if someone tells you about something cool you say "que masiso". Thats all that I can think about this week but I'll keep trying to update this every week.

So this week was awesome but super busy. We are currently preparing four investigators for baptism. These four investigators are Darlin Garcia, Polo Muñoz, Karen Mejilla, and Alba Barahona. We are especially preparing Darlin and Polo because they are scheduled to be baptized the 17th of this month which is in less than two weeks and its crazy. They both have a problem with coffee so we taught them the word of wisdom this week. We had a really funny and crazy experience with Polo this week while teaching him about the WoW. He really wants to get baptized, so when he heard about coffee he right away decided he wouldn´t drink it anymore. We then asked if he had coffee in the house at that time and he said yes so we had him pull it out. We then told him that if he was going to stop drinking coffee that he wouldn´t need it anymore. So he said that was true. We then asked if he had a garbage bag and he said no. He throws all of his trash down the mountain apparently. So we go outside with him and he throws his coffee as far as he can down the mountain! it was crazy! Ha ha I didn´t expect him to do that but now he is living the word of wisdom. But the other crazy experience we´ve been having is with Karen Mejilla. Shes probably about 23 years old and she's been living with a guy named Leo who is a member of the church but they aren't married yet. Now she wants to get baptized because she knows this is the true church but you have to get married and live the law of chastity. So anyways we taught her the law of chastity last week and then on Tuesday we talked to her and Leo and they have already gotten all of their paperwork to get married which is crazy because its really hard to get married here in Honduras. Elder Burt said that he's never actually had investigators married before so this is super exciting! We also had 8 investigators at church this week! Hermanas' Gomez and Santana had another 7 for a total of 15 investigators in the Mochito ward!!. The Lord really does have his hand in this work and my testimony grows stronger each day.
Another cool thing that happened this week was my second surprise birthday party! I wasn´t expecting the first one and I definitely wasn´t expecting the second one. This one was a lot smaller but it was super nice of them and it was super fun. Something that has been great this week was the language. I've really been praying for help this week with the language that I might understand people more so that I can help them. This week I have been able to make some real progress on the language and understand people a lot better. I know that it's because of the Lord. I want to testify that God does answer prayers. He does this because he loves us. El quiere que regresemos a el y que tengamos todas las bendiciones que el tiene para nosotros. Oren a Dios. Yo sé que el contestará sus oraciones.

We also had interviews with the mission president this week. This p day we got to play sports with all of the missionaries in our zone and it was so fun. We even played soccer for a bit which was a blast!! Anyways, I'm loving it out here in Mochito. Espero que tengan una buena semana!

Elder Ludlow

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charlotte christensen says:
I am praying for you and your investigators every night, Kyle! We are so proud of you work and know that the Lord will continue to bless you. Love, Grandma
on February 8, 2018

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