September 24, 2013


Burke, Virginia, United States


Elder Flaherty

Prayer Works

Hi, I’ll send pictures if I have time today. I have 47 pictures I want to send to you! So we’ll see.. and yeah we had 2 new investigators but now we only have 1. “Garrett” our investigator who was awesome as ever dropped us! It was so devastating. But It’ll be okay, I’m praying for him. We have been trying to find a lot and it’s been extremely hard. One thing we did this last Saturday was a “District Blitz” and we had all four sets of companions come to our area to tract. It was so fun! We found about 9 potentials but only 3 of them seem to be legit. It was a really cool experience preparing for that though. Me and Elder Flaherty prayed and prayed and sat and really the spirit lead us to where we were supposed to be for that blitz. It was so amazing! Prayer is something that has become really meaningful to me. Not only have I found answers to my questions but I have knelt down to feel God’s comfort many times. Prayer is incredible. I know that God listens to me and loves me. Another cool experience was I had a thought to go check on a potential investigator we had and the spirit guided us to the house at the right time. Right when we got there we saw some guy about to go into his house. We stopped him thinking it was the referral we got from the sisters in our ward but it wasn’t. So we asked him if Nathan was home and he went and checked for us but then when he came back he told us he wasn’t here. But then we got to talking with him and just shared a little bit of the gospel. And then all of the sudden he looked at us and was like “I know there is a God. And I am going through the roughest time in my life right now and I know that God sent you two in my path at this time.” When he spoke the spirit burned inside me! It was incredible! So we haven’t taught him a “lesson” lesson yet but we definitely will be teaching him. He is just super busy but he wants us to teach him! So that was amazing! The spirit is a wonderful tool. Not only can it guide but it can comfort us, it can give us answers. God has given me the most amazing gift in this life and that is the Holy Ghost.
I did have a fun P-day Last Monday! It was scary seeing all the ambulances and what not but the museums we went to were incredible! I can’t wait to go back again! There is so much to see in D.C.! P-days are super fun. It’s definitely a relaxing day from “work”. I know that the Lord has called me to the D.C. area for a specific purpose! I am just here to find that out—And I will!
And haha HAPPY BIRTHDAY KYLER! I miss Costa Vida! Luckily we have a “Café Rio” like 5 minutes away from us! It’s like the “hot spot” for our zone and we live like right next to it. We’re pretty lucky! And Ohh boy..the “Holy War”. Yup we heard all about that in Elders Quorum. I heard BYU got beat again. I forgot to tell you I saw Courtney Allen at the MTC.
Oh by the way Dad one of Elder Flaherty's relatives remembers always calling you "Attila the Hinton" because of how great you were. You definitely are an example of someone who goes above and beyond their responsibilities. You’re a great example to me.
I am so glad to be a part of this work. Everyone needs to be a part of this church. It is 110% True. There has been so many things manifest to me and let me know that this is the true church. I have had people try to convert me! Once you truly ponder and pray for yourself you can find out the truth of all things!
I love all of you! I hope everything is well. Make sure to keep me updated on everything thats going on!

Love, Elder Hinton


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