August 15, 2017


Nelson - BC


Elder Darren Davis

Week 5, BC

Hey Mom,
It has been well and I am doing things to keep my mind off things that do not matter but yeah it has been better. I felt like this week went by faster and more productive.
Here’s been our week:
Wednesday - we got up and did our daily morning routine and then I do not know much from there.
Thursday - again we did our daily morning things, weekly planning, then we did some door knocking followed by some member visits and then had dinner with Mama P (Sister Parslow), she feeds us every Thursday.  It’s the best because I feel like I am at home with them and that is always something to look forward to every week.
I heard when you got the photo from her you started to cry and you were not expecting to that night but that was nice of her to do.
Friday - we did our thing then did some studies and went to the Salvation Army (soup kitchen) where we did our service. While we were there I was wondering if that guy who asked that question would show up and just rail us about our faith. I mean really, how do you answer "When does a brother leave another?"
We then parked our car in front of our dinner appointment and did some more door knocking. The second to last house before we went to dinner we knocked on a door and the guy asked, “What are we getting at?” and then Elder Davis did the thing we do. “We are the missionaries from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints…” and as he finished that sentence the guy just started closing the door.  Just like somewhat annoyed that we interrupted his time Elder Davis and I were just like “OK he does not want any contact with the church.”  We then had dinner with the ward mission leader.
Here’s a pretty funny story we had this week: we were visiting some less active members and one of the sisters was outside and knew who we were and was very nice.  She told us to call and set up a time to come back. We checked her number in the area book and she saw DNC (do not contact) and then she asked what LA stood for.  She said I know what DNC stood for Doctrine and Covenants and she asked us what LA stood for and I said I do not know it must be missionary lingo that I will learn eventually. Elder Davis and I did not want to offend her so we were just like we do not know but we had a good laugh after we drove away. (Mom note: I don’t know what LA stands for and he doesn’t say but I would assume Leave Alone?)J
Sunday - was good we chilled then went to dinner then went home. But the one thing that stands out to me is how proud of the young men in the ward are still going strong and I could relate a little but they are above me because I had members all around me where they just had the select few.
So yeah that was my week in general.
Everything that you want to mail to me has to go to the mission home then when they get it they would mail it to the ZL's over our zone and then I would come pick it up from them.
I will leave you with this, I was reading and finishing Jacob and then I saw two quotes that really stood out to me the first one is from President Uchtdorf and he said, "Doubt your doubt's before you doubt your faith" that was good for me because it related it personally because I do not need to doubt the doubts about the area. Then the other was from Elder Holland, "Hold the ground you have already won" and I was looking in the ground that I already have and it is good ground I have but I still have a lot I have to get.
One more thing I forgot to say, Elder Davis and I picked up an investigator and he is very interested in our church. We left him with a chapter to read and he said he was pretty excited to read that chapter and even he prayed at the end of the lesson. Then after the lesson as we walking back to the car Elder Davis and I were so happy. So we are still working with him. I will keep you updated on him.
I am sorry that I did not explain the Friday thing well, what I meant was that you can email me like a little get me up because Elder Davis and I just check them to see what we have. Zone P-day got pushed back to next week because we have zone conference next week so we will be staying with the ZL's and the other companionship two nights but it is going to be so much fun.  We are planning on doing slingshot paintball, basketball and floor hockey.
Can't wait for the letters from you guys. The other Elders are serving in a town named Creston about an hour and half drive east. We actually cover 3 towns Nelson, Castlegar, and Trail.  I love you and miss you and pray for you every night and keep praying for me. Love you  


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