December 12, 2017


Lethbridge, Alberta Canada


Elder Michael Johnson

Week 21, Lethbridge

Hey mom saw the pictures and man that looks like fun and man wow Christmas is here. The next transfer is is the 11th of January and i think i might stay i do not know i could be moved and i just don't know what can happen. i will stay in this area through Christmas. and my new companion is named Elder Johnson and he is a good companion and glad that i am with him and i am now in Lethbridge and i am loving it. But here was my week:

Wednesday- So this day was basically this day was sitting around and saying goodbye for an elder that i was with and that was just basically not doing anything missionary work.

Thursday- So we got up and we went to transfers and we conversed there for a bit and then i drove down to Lethbridge and then after that i drove all the way down and then i meet my new companion and that was sick and then we got to our apartment and then we dropped off my bags and then i went to an appointment and he was a nice guy that is waiting for his patriarchal blessing and he is waiting. Then after that we did somethings then i went to dinner and that was fun but that was it.

Friday- So we got up and then we did studies and then we went and did service for the food bank and then we did that and then we had a lunch where i won somethings and then we left and then we we got the bikes to the elders that we share the car with then after that we mostly did stop byes and then we headed to dinner and then we went to bed.

Saturday- So we do the usual things in the morning and then we stopped by more families and then we went to change and we had a baptism and that was fun i did no teaching and then we had his baptism and he was excited and he is such a nice guy.

Sunday- so we get up then we got ready and then we went to church and it was fun. and i meet the ward and we confirm our recent convert and that was cool then had regular church and then after church our recent convert comes up to me and tells me that i am going ordain him with the arronic priesthood and i was like wow well i just got thrown into a loop and that was cool. Then after that we visited more members and then we had dinner and that was cool then after that we went to a music program and then after that we called it a day.

Monday- So we get up and we did the usual thing and then we headed to district meeting and then we meet the district and man it feels weird coming from a very small district to a huge one and i was like well i am not out there any more. But then after we had lunch and then we did some stop byes and that was fun i got asked a question that was from far left field he asked me this " are you Polynesian?" and i said no and i was like well that is a first and i was just like well that can't happen anymore. Then we went to dinner and then after we stopped at a part member family and then we played a game called shuttlecock and that was fun and i won and i was just like well that happened.

But that was my week and i really can't wait to see you in a couple week and hope that you are doing well and i am very happy that everything at home is going well. But love you and i share a scripture with you Romans 1:16. Read that and i hope that you have a great week.

Elder Orton


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