September 12, 2017


Nelson - BC


Elder Darren Davis

Week 9, BC

Hey Mom, Thanks again for the audio clips they are nice to hear.

Here’s how my week went:

Wednesday - We got up as usual and did our morning routine and did all of the things that we needed to do. Then we walked to lunch and had some lunch. At lunch we had a good conversation with a couple of guys that invited us over to just talk and it was nice of them to do that for me. Then after we finished we walked out and when we were outside they prayed for us in their way of praying. It was cool and when that happened, I knew that was something that comforted me and with that I had a good time from there. Then we walked back to the pad and grabbed some stuff and did our thing and did some door knocking. We had dinner and after dinner we went to Joe our investigator and had a lesson with him and this is where it gets interesting. We get in with him and then we had a good catch up on the weeks and we read 3 Nephi 11 with him. After that we asked him how he felt and he was like, “that baptism is a very important thing that happens in your church.” After that we asked him to pray and after he prayed he took the time to himself to feel the feelings that he got. We asked him what he felt he said this and I quote, "I saw a light" and after that I invited him to be baptized like this; I said "Joe" he said "yeah" then I did the invitation to get baptized and he accepted and I was just so filled with joy that he accepted. He is working on his way to the 21 of October.

Thursday- so Thursday is the day that we do weekly planning. So we got up and did our thing and when we got home and got ready for the day. We started weekly planning and during all of this we got interrupted by a bear on the lower street and man it was just crazy. It was a black bear so they are not supposed to attack, he was going through someone’s trash and was just ripping through it. We finished up our weekly planning and then went to Kaltire to get an oil change. After that we did some door knocking and it was ok but not much success. Then went to dinner at Mama P's and it is so nice to get feed by the members. Then we went to a LA member’s home and just talked for a bit.

Friday- we did our morning routine and got ready and went to the soup kitchen and did some service there. Then after that we went to the church and did some studies and that stuff and then we did door knocking but again no success. But yeah that was mostly Friday.

Saturday- we got up in the morning and did our stuff and then went to a LA member’s home and did service for her. We were staining her deck. She is somewhat worried that she will not get it done before winter hits and she put a lot of money into it. So we are trying our best to do everything we can. After that we came back to the apartment and got in uniforms (that’s what they call our missionary attire) and started our door knocking, then after that we ate some dinner somewhere.

Sunday- So Sunday was good because Elder Davis went to Nelson and gave a talk and I had to do Ward Council by myself. It just feels good to do Ward Council and just talk about things that we can help on. After that we had regular church and then we went back to a member’s home where we split off. Then we had lunch at a member’s home and it was good to do that. Then we went up to Nelson to go eat dinner with a member there and with some YSA. After we ate we watched the YSA devotional, it was a good one to watch and Elder Bednar did speak on some good points.

Monday- this was an ok day. We got up and did our things and then went to Creston to do our DTM. So I had training on pray with faith. It was a good one. Then we chilled with the Creston guys for a bit and came back to Trail and did our studies for the day. Then we went to dinner and it is good to have meals by the members. Following dinner we went to a LA member and just got to know him a little more and just got to share a message. He gave us some food after and was a really nice guy.

Yeah, that was my week. Man it was crazy! 2 things: 1) I am 2 months out on my mission and man those 2 months went by quick. 2) I am done with my 1st transfer and man that was like what I felt like I just started. That is 1 out of 17.  Thanks for all of the support that you give me and I am grateful for that. This next transfer is a 5 week so it is a short one. So I am going to get everything I can out of it. I do miss you and pray for you every night and I hope everything goes well. Remember that God is a loving God and wants to hear from us. Love you and miss you.

Your loving son and Elder,
Elder Orton


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