February 28, 2018



What a Week!

Pdays are the best and presidents day there wasn't any school! So we got to be with the Gale family (they are the best) and we had breakfast for lunch and just chilled out! Then we went and played basketball for pday like always. It was an interesting day!

Tuesday morning my companion wasn't feeling too good and told me we should probably go to the hospital and see if something was up. So we did, and we are lucky we did! His levels were a little out of wack and the doctors wanted to hold him over night for observation. So we spent the night in the hospital! We even shared the plan of salvation with a nurse and she accepted a copy of the Book of Mormon! It was so cool. The next morning the doctors said that he wasn't well enough to stay and needed to head home to Utah. Elder Henseler is an amazing missionary and I am so excited to see what his future holds.

As Elder Henseler went home I found out that I would also be leaving liberty. So I packed up everything and headed out on a temporary companionship with Elder Moore, a really great elder I've gotten super close with. We hit the town saying goodbye to families. One was Danny Campbell, an amazing recent convert that gave each of us some super nice watches. We finished our day and headed to the Shoal Creek apartment, where I'd be staying that night. The 4 of us (all the elders in my district) were all there. As we were sitting there we saw something move outside the glass door. We had set out our trash, because it stank, and a RACOON had toppled it over and was rummaging in the can. What did we do next? We ended up catching it and putting it in a pillow case! Funniest night ever. I'll link it in another email.

Thursday was transfers. All 4 of us went don't to independence not knowing where we would be going or who with, but we were pumped. Elder Moore and I rode down together and as we saw the paper learned that we would also be companions! And in a trio! We moved out to Lee's summit 3rd ward with Elder Skousen, another elder from mesa az! The next few days were spent cleaning and purging our apartment. It was BAD because 2 elders ended their missions there. So they left all of their stuff for us to pick up! It's been great and all, but now our place feels like a home!

Sunday was rough, it's not so easy being in a trio of big personalities. But overall we worked through it and found a very promising investigator! She's already reading the BoM and has come to sacrament 3 times now. It's a shame that the last Elders didn't notice her. Hopefully it'll bring something! In the evening we had dinner with a great family and the oldest daughter just recorded a song for a new Netflix original based out of Mexico coming out in August. Idk how to link it, but it's fantastic!

Today we're back to pday, and it feels like a month since last week!

I am doing well and excited for another week in the Lord's service!

Love you all! Write back soon!

Elder Harris
Carry On!

Missouri Independence Mission

Racoon in a bag
Art I did for my zl
My comps this morning
When we caught the racoon
Twin day with Elder Moore
Me with a glove on my head
My comp and I in the hospital with a glove on my head


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