May 15, 2020


Clarksville, TN


Elder Clayton

Spring in Tennessee!

Since arriving here in December, I have seen missionaries come and go, but I have stayed as the one stable missionary in the area. In fact, I was supposed to be transferred these past couple transfers, but President felt inspired that I needed to stay. All good, because I love the people here and have built strong relationships. But I have to admit, I couldn't figure out why until this past week. It really was an awesome week! We were going through our baptism book and we came across Jacob's name. He was on date to be baptized but he moved away and I was the only person left in the area that would have known Jacob. We used to play basketball with him before his lessons and he called me 'Germany'. We became close before he moved away. I decided to call him this week and Jacob picked up and I said, "Hey! It's Germany, man! How are you doing?" He just lit up, and it just happens (but we all know it was the Lord's guidance) that he moved back into the area this week and I was still here. We talked with him for awhile and he's back on date for baptism on May 25. We also have the baptism for Savannah on the 16th and then another member who was excommunicated that we have been working with who is set to be baptized on May 23. So we have three amazing baptisms set this month. We have been reading with Jacob in Ether 12 and Jacob said, "I know now that I need to get baptized". The spirit confirmed to him of truth of the gospel and confirmed to me why I have been in this area through past transfers-the Lord saw fit for me to see my friend commit to the follow our Savior. I feel very grateful for the understanding of 'why' and to be a witness of the gospel changing lives in this area.

Another highlight this week was doing service with the Endsley's-who are always my favorite. Their property is the one with the trees in the background. After we finished, we sat out on the porch and just talked. I decided that, when I grow up I am going to have a porch swing like them with a wicked view, because those things are awesome!

For those who are wondering, my "y'all" and country lingo are coming along rather nicely! And I love that Tennessians don't hold back their opinions-makes it easier to teach! These are my folks-and the country music feels like home.

Thank you for your support back home!
Elder Williams


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