April 23, 2020


Clarksville, TN


Elder Ward

Champions / Transfers!

Some big news this week! First, Elder Ashby and I are the District Spikeball champions. There was fierce competition but we pulled it out with some killer plays! Also, I finally got my quarantine hair cut! It's buzzed and I feel like myself again. Last, transfers were this week. I am STAYing which is great because I love the people in the area! I am getting a new companion, Elder Ward just out of training. That makes five companions that I have seen leave this area but I am grateful to keep teaching the people is Clarksville. Oh! And today is six month for me...I will be selecting a tie to burn in recognition of the past six months!

As for the work, we are teaching a lot of investigators by phone. We have over ten from other countries, which means I am well acquainted with google translate. We are teaching people in South Africa, Nigeria and Ghana. Google translate in Swahili has become my best friend!

As for locally, it is hard to get new contacts because we can't seem to find a Clarksville phone book so we keep teaching our current investigators and check on the members daily. However, I did have a cool experience the other day that taught me to keep pushing on. In our commitment to God, we always need to keep improving on our relationship and commitment to Him. One commitment I have improved on this week is to pray more frequently; before and after everything I do. With the limitations of quarantine it does get frustrating when I just want to be out talking face to face. I have found that exercise helps me stay positive. I had just talked to the investigators from South Africa and Nigeria which was exciting because they both committed to read the Book of Mormon. I decided to head out on my routine run-which is me running back and forth in front of the apartments while my comp watches. I prayed before leaving and put my headphones in. As I approached a man walking, I had the prompting to turn down my music (country of course- which is allowed on my mision!). It was Victor from across the street and I stopped and said, "Hey, how are you doing?" He said, "good! I see you out here running a lot, what are you doing around here?" "I'm a missionary" I replied, which opened up the whole conversation to teaching about Christ. He has a wife and two small kids and he wants us to teach his family more about the Gospel of Jesus Christ! It was a testimony that the Lord knows each of us and He will connect with us if we just listen. Sometimes, especially with the circumstances right now, you feel like you can't accomplish much, but God will provide a way. I want to find people to teach and the Lord helps me, whether it be people in Africa or the neighbor across the street. He knows their desires and mine and helps us connect.

Stay Committed!
Love, Elder Williams


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