April 9, 2020


Clarksville, TN


Elder Mikos

Hey Y'all!

I am definitely picking up some southern phrases. But the good thing is southern people are reeeal niiice and they tawk reeeal slow. My ward here in Clarksville is the best! They are good to feed us and they are easy to get to know and love.

Conference was AWESOME! I connected with a man who wanted to serve in Germany because many of his family had served there, but then was called to eastern states mission. He found that was really where he needed to be which is how I feel now as well.

As for missionary work, we make a LOT of phone calls-to investigators and members and anyone else that will listen. I have a few favorites in the ward that I like to use as buffers from hours of phone rejections. So I call them in between to see how they are doing and listen to their stories. But for real, we have fifteen investigators and one baptism set for the 24th. And the best news is Savannah has chosen to be baptized!

So remember when I got that accidental military hair cut? Well, who would have thought that that would be the one that I would have to live with through quarantine. We can't get our hair cut so I am learning how to style it as it grows. It is now super long on top and tolerable on the sides. At least we don't meet with investigators in person!

Sorry, no pictures this week but I will be putting out a fun video on Facebook. Please share the video! I would love to share the gospel by responding to messages from it.

I'm sure ya'll have seen a lot of missionaries come home due to the Corona epidemic. What it has done to our mission is, by the end of this transfer, we will only have half of our mission left. They will shut down parts of our mission until we get replacements. Please send missionaries eager to work!

Mission life in quarantine is, well, not my ideal but we are making the best of it. Aside from by studies, I have a good workout routine and have become reee'al tight with my ukulele. That is what keeps me sane from staying indoors and making phone calls. They can be entertaining but I can't wait to get out and get to work. I'm sure that's no different than the rest of you-we are in this together!

One good comfort scripture for you this week, Isaiah 41:13 "For I the LORD thy God will hold thy right hand, saying unto thee, Fear not; I will help thee." I feel that. Even though this is not ideal, I find joy in the simple things and hope in Christ. You really can be happy in any circumstance!

Don't forget the Friday Fast!

Take care,
Elder Williams


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