March 26, 2020


Clarksville, TN


Elder Mikos

Be Happy!

Week one of quarantine...Honestly it was pretty dull. We spent a lot of time at the church. If anyone is needing to get out some pent up energy, hide and go seek is great because you can still have fun while maintaining social distancing. Also, I have read some really good books, the latest one is on Joseph Smith. So if you need any recommendations, I am your man. Also, there are some epic gospel movies. I recommend the one on Thomas S. Monson. I have seen it twice this week! Other than that, we make lots of phone calls to members and investigators to see if there is anything we can do. Really, in the end, it just comes down to helping people in need. When we get a chance to do service we jump at the opportunity!

Stay tuned for next week pday. We plan to do trick shots with ping pong balls. It will be epic! We have to have something to look forward to!

It was a pretty chill week. One highlight was playing keep away with some little kids at the church with the soccer ball. They were cute! If I could send the video, I would but this sight only takes pictures.

The pictures are of Dunbar caves. With quarantine, we get to go out twice a day, using social distancing, so we went to this awesome cave. It actually goes all the way through the mountain! It was a good time to get some perspective and connect with nature.

These next few weeks are going to be hard, not going to lie! I was not built so sit around. I'm sure some of you feel the same way! But I have learned one thing. We can all find something to be happy about. Find something to joke about, something to be happy about; because the second we stop looking for the joy, you can get down on life. Then it can go into a downhill spiral. So don't let the spiral start, always find something to be grateful for and happy about. I learned this week that you can be happy anywhere. I was getting frustrated, but then I though "here I am in Nashville, the mission that I wanted to be in. I'm stuck right now, but I'm happy! I can still call people, I can do trick shots (getting pretty good with my basketball skills at the church), I can still have fun even though I'm not able to talk to a lot of people." Be grateful for where you are and have fun where you are at. I'm kind of lucky right now-we have a chance to be around a lot of good people. Elder Wagner is one of my closest friends because of this and I have been so grateful for him and we have become really close-learning how to have joy in hard times. Even though times may be hard, I can look back on these weeks and either think, that sucked or hey, we made the best of it, had some fun and built relationships! So the goal is to turn outward and be happy even though this is hard.

One last lesson was confirmed this past week. I was soooo bummed last week because everyone was going home, whether it be honorable or not. I had the choice to go home as well because of my condition. I had already decided to stay but then I was reading about Ammon (He's my fav!) and it reads (Alma 18:17) "I say unto you, what is it, that thy marvelings are so great? Behold, I am a man, and am thy servant; therefore, whatsoever thou desirest which is right, that will I do." I decided I wanted to be the type of man that if it was right, I'd do it. Pretty simple but also pretty cool.

Be happy and Stay obedient; Now is the time to be on the Lord's side!

Elder Williams


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