March 20, 2020


Clarksville, TN


Elder Mikos


This week was awesome! Right off the bat, I got my companion, Elder Caldwell, a trainee, unfortunately he didn't want to stay so he went back home the following Wednesday. So I got a new companion, Elder Mikos, and I think we are going to get along really great because he seriously is an awesome guy. So I'm really excited to be with him, but within 30 minutes of us becoming a companionship, we then found out that we were going to get quarantined, so here we go-three weeks in quarantine! That was awesome. But he seems like such a good guy that that I'm excited to be in a companionship with him.

I want to share a story about Savannah. This is one that is a little personal because she is battling a struggle that many of us do and I was happy to be in the right place to help. The Priko's are a family in the ward that came up to me at church and said, "Hey, we are having you over for dinner today and we have a friend that one of the girls are bringing over, named Savannah. Savannah has depression. Is there something we can do?" So I told them to download the gospel library app. Then, before going over for dinner, I compiled a list of a bunch of videos that helped with depression and anxiety. I put the list in a Book of Mormon and told her that these videos along with the Book of Mormon are going to bring her a lot of joy. So she ended up watching them and sent us this very long message that basically says, these videos have brought me a lot of joy and peace in these hard times that I have been having. It was awesome because she said it really made a difference in her life and helped with her anxiety and depression. It made me feel so good that through me, the Lord made a difference in her life. So then for the next lesson, considering that were were confined without sacrament meeting on Sunday, we went out to Dover to meet with a couple families and the Barrows and the Priko's were there and Savannah came. The Barrow's kids and grandmother were there as well, so there were about 20-25 people there and they needed someone to give a talk. Since Savannah was there they asked me to teach her and they were all going to sit in but have it be more of a talk. I was planning to do the restoration, but as I was pulling stuff out of my bag, I had five plan of salvation pamphlets fall out. I looked at them and thought, "I get the message Heavenly Father, you want me to do the plan of salvation." So I did. It went really good; for an hour with the members helping talk about the plan of salvation. It was awesome! Then a couple days later, Savannah sends a picture of some notes she had taken and said, thank you so much. I have been having some big issues with my sister and my family, and my family is not doing too well. And usually with my depression I go into my deep dark hiding place. But now, since we had that lesson, I understand that I am a daughter of God and that I have a purpose and I know what my meaning of me being here on earth. And because I know that, I didn't go to my dark place and I was able to feel the spirit and was able to turn around and figure everything out. That was really awesome that we were able to witness the spirit work in her!

And then we got to meet with the Barrow's kids afterwords. And that was awesome because I was able to feel the Lord's love for me. When we got there, we were playing soccer with all the little kids and this little girl was sad. She wouldn't even let the mom pick her up. She ended up walking up to me and jumped in my arms. Now as a missionary we aren't supposed to hold kids but it's hard to reject one that jumps into your arms. I tried to put her down but even the mom said no and she ended up falling asleep on me while we talked to the family. What that was for me was a moment of peace in a hard week. My companion was going home, another Elder whom I have become really close friends with is going home early because our mission is sending home all Elders that have been out over 20 months because of the corona virus and then his companion has decided to go home as well. So all the elders in my area were leaving and with my heart condition, I had the option to go home as well, but I said that I was good, that I was fine and I wanted to stay out. It was a hard decision while you are watching all of your buddies go home, but holding that little girl kind of reaffirmed why I was here. Getting to play soccer with kids and connect with families, just let me know why I was here. We also had an elementary school boy come up to us today and asked if we could throw a football with him sometime with him and his buddies. He had been waiting at our door for us to come home just to ask us. It was a huge blessing to me. With all of these kids that I have been meeting and playing with it, helped me remember why I am here, to connect families with heaven. I have found a lot of families to teach through these kids which helps drive a connection with the parents. You never know how much can come from a front yard soccer game. I have loved it and I really hope they don't take me out because I love these little kids. The little girl's parents aren't active, so we kind of have an in with the parents now. Now with the virus quarantine I hope we can keep up our contacts.

It was a big week for me and I enjoyed the work here in Clarksville. I hope you all are enjoying your own families.

Stay healthy!
Elder Williams


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