February 4, 2020


Clarksville, TN


Elder Clarke and Elder Mecham

100 DAYS

100 DAYS
This week marks 100 days out and it has made me reflect on the past 100 days and how much the Lord
can do in 100 days. I didn’t think that I would end up in Nashville but the Lord’s plan has brought me
here. It’s crazy how you leave on a mission to England and travel to Austria and then back to Nashville
all in a few months. And sometimes the Lord’s plan works out that way and a lot can happen in a short
amount of time. But thinking back on all that has happened so far on my mission, I realize that you just
have to have faith. Maybe the Lord’s plan was to bring me here all along and I just needed that
humbling experience, but there is a purpose to all of that. I still have so much longer to serve, but it’s
cool to look back on the Lord’s hand in my mission so far and recognize how much has happened. It
really seems like the time has gone fast and the Lord’s hand is in the details.
As for our newest investigator. One day we went for an oil change and the mechanics were backed up
so we ended up there for three hours. We talked to a man named Mark for the entire three hours and
then he came to our weekly book of Mormon class. Side note: Our book of Mormon classes are spiritual
and entertaining all at once. We have multiple investigators that are bold with their questions and
comments so I am honing my skills on redirecting comments while keeping the spirit. Nothing like
channeling random dreams and opinions into gospel topics. Like bursts of “You are men of God. I need
to meet your families.” Anyways, It was there that Mark said that he wanted to become a part of our
church. The people of Tennessee may be bold and random but the want to know their creator and I am
grateful to be here teaching about our Savior.


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