January 2, 2020


Clarksville, TN


Elder Coleman


Country Music, everywhere. Southern accents, everywhere. Tennessee Titan shirts and hats, everywhere. I. am. home!!

Hey everyone! Just started my first week here in Nashville Tennessee and I absolutely love it!! My first area is in Clarksville and it is just right northwest of Nashville and it is just as country!! My companions (I am in a trio) is Elder Clarke, who came out the same time as me, and then Elder Mecham, our trainer who this has been his first and only area so far in his mission so we are all really new!!

It was really hard to leave Vienna and all the close friends that I made over there. My district in Vienna was seriously the best and of course the area is beautiful and I will miss them all so so much. When I flew into Nashville it was the strangest feeling I genuinely felt like I was home and this was where I was supposed to be and I am so excited to be here!

Over here the people are really really faithful and God fearing so we get a lot of people that want to learn, but we also have a lot of people that want to Bible Bash. It is very nice though because it means we are constantly busy talking to people and the days go by really fast and it is constantly fun!!

A little spiritual story for y'all, as of late I have been reading a lot in the Gospel Essays in the Gospel Library. My companion was asking about them so I was showing him one and we decided to look into the topic of "DNA Studies and the Book of Mormon". It was cool to go through everything with him and we learned a lot about DNA Studies and how they tie into the Book of Mormon. That very night we had a meeting with a guy named Turk. He is a motivational speaker and meets with us, but from what I was told he never had much interest in the church but he did enjoy speaking about Jesus Christ. So we went to meet him and when we got on the topic of Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon and he said "I just want historical proof like DNA" and my companion and I looked at each other like "How in the world" and we gladly got out the Gospel Topic Essay about DNA studies and read through it with him. After discussing the topic and explaining how if he prays then it can be revealed to him he asked if we had a church service that he could attend!! It was a pretty special experience.

From this I learned that God knows the needs of people and what will help them the most. And he prepares answers for us. Sometimes all we gotta do is ask:)

Thanks to everyone who has sent me kind uplifting messages during this move they really helped me out so much during this transition time so a big thank you to everyone!


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