December 29, 2019


Clarksville, TN


Elder Coleman


Hey Everyone!
Crazy week here in Vienna!! I’m going to start off with the heavy stuff and then get happier 😊
For those of you who have been there through all of my concussions with me you’ll probably understand better. While I have been here learning German, I love learning the language but whenever I study or teach in German, I get a massive headache and forget the grammar and vocabulary I learned by the next morning. I realize my concussions have made it harder to learn, so I wake up earlier to try to relearn yesterday’s vocabulary but it has become unhealthy to live in physical pain daily. Because of this, I have been reissued a call to an English-speaking mission in Nashville, Tennessee. Being honest, this has been a really hard trial for me because I don’t want to disappoint the people of the Alpine Mission or the people at home but I have felt like this was out of my control. However, I also know that moving to an English-speaking mission will be an amazing opportunity to serve the people with all my heart, might, mind and strength. It’s not where you serve but how, and I am excited to serve at my full capacity in Nashville.
I’d like to tell a story though about a husband and wife named Marina and Angelo. I was out on the street on a companion trade or a tausch as they call it here. I was with my zone leader and we were in Floridsdorf which is the town where I live. I didn’t know the area so well and because the zone leader had never been there, we were trying to get to the train station and we took a bus too far because we didn’t know where we were supposed to get off but it was no big deal because we were only a block away so we decided to walk. Once we got off the bus, we turned and crossed the street to go back and not 10 steps further a woman reaches out her hand in the middle of a crowd of people walking the other direction and grabs my arm. She looks at me and said in her broken English “you take me to…” and she makes a church signal with her hand. So I answered “church?” She smiles and says yes! She starts to cry and gives us her number.
A little back story behind this family. Their names are Marina and Angelo and they have a 14-year-old boy, 10-year-old girl, and a little 6-year-old girl. We ended up taking Marina and her 10-year-old girl to church. As we showed up, she starts crying and says “This is my home”.
Her family was baptized when she was 12 years old. She had to leave her home in Bulgaria with her family and come to Vienna not knowing any German and a very limited knowledge of English. But I have never seen a more faithful family in my entire life.
We were privileged to bring them a Christmas on the 24th!!! We found her 3 Bulgarian Book of Mormons and we got then little presents for their three kids. We dropped them by that night at their apartment and once again, she cried as she held the book of Mormon wrapped in paper. She didn’t need to open them up to see what they were. We were also able to set them up with Bulgarian Missionaries and get them with the Bishop so they could find a way for her kids to go to school.
This was all due to God’s hand in her life. With His help combined with her faith she was able to receive all the things she needed in her life regardless of these difficult circumstances. It was truly amazing to see.
To tie this into life, I don’t know why God sent me here; maybe it was to humble me, maybe it was so I could realize my weaknesses, but if it was for this one lady and all God needed was a willing 19yo boy who had no clue where to go or what to do and spoke English and limited German-enough to get her to church and back and set her up with the tools to succeed before he left-then I think that these past two months of hardships and trials were more than 100% worth it to see them happy and progressing in the right direction. I am so grateful to be God’s help for this family on earth at this time.
These past two months have been painful with headaches and waking up not remembering much about what happened the day before and being angry with myself for not being able to learn the language. But oddly enough I have learned more about myself than I ever have before and I am so grateful and so ready to serve the people of Tennessee and Kentucky!
Included some pictures of Vienna over Christmas time...


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