November 27, 2019


Preston England MTC


Elder Blauer

Waiting to Get Out!

Hey everyone!
It’s been an amazing week at the MTC once again! Not much has happened here and we have been teaching in German like crazy. This week has mostly been about us getting excited to head out to Germany in less than six days! I do have to let ya’ll know that here in a couple months you will be getting the best missionary in the world! His name is Elder Barthel. He is German and we are basically switching-haha! He is going to the Boise, Idaho mission and Elder Howell (who is from Boise area as well) and I have told him how amazing the people really are there, and he is so excited to get over there and meet everyone! He is in Ireland right now serving but once his Visa goes through, he will be on his way to you all.
We had the opportunity to go to the River Ribble and then to the house President Hinckley stayed in when he served his mission in England. The River Ribble is where the first baptisms were in England, and coincidentally I think it is where my dad’s family was first baptized before they came over with the pioneers. Thousands were baptized on that day when they got to hear the Gospel and receive the comfort and joy Christ brings into the lives of those who follow Him. It is a pretty powerful story if you haven’t had a chance to read into it, give it a look-it is pretty incredible!
The most powerful lesson I had this week was at President Hinckley’s missionary house. This was where he received his famous letter from his father. He was having a rough time and felt like he wasn’t succeeding on his mission and that he was wasting time being there. He wrote his father concerning this and soon he got a letter back. “Dear Gordon, forget yourself and go to work” It was a simple note, but powerful message. I loved the message and really thought a lot about this in the past week. If we are having a rough patch, or we feel like we aren’t getting anywhere in our lives (I know I’ve felt that way before), the best thing to do is to look outward instead of inward. Looking outward to help other people and ‘losing ourselves in the service of others’ we can really find peace, joy and direction in our lives.
So a little invitation this week for anyone who is reading this email. If you are feeling down or having a really rough time, join me in looking outward to help others. I promise it will change your week for the better. And if you do feel a change, I would love to hear about it so feel free to email me about it!
I am so thrilled to get to Germany! It feels so exciting to get out and be a real missionary whose goal is to help the area and bring others to the knowledge that Christ lives! In my next email, I will be able to let you all know my first area where I am serving! I catch you guys next week!
Elder Williams
Photo's attached:
Elder Barthel
President Hinckley's apartment as a missionary
River Ribble
Phone Booth (when is the last time you saw one of these)?
Really cool house by the River Ribble


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