November 20, 2019


Preston England MTC


Elder Blauer

Manchester x2

Hey everyone: a very eventful week but a good one!

One change this week is that I have a new companion, Elder Blauer from Virginia. I enjoyed my time with Elder Ablehousen, he is going to be an awesome missionary. I’ve gotten to know Elder Blauer and he and I are looking forward to making the most of the last two weeks in the MTC!
Once again, the struggle of the language continues (although I am getting better), and once again, the Lord helped me to understand that through him all things are possible. This time it was through the experience of going to Manchester again! Sorry, heads up-this is a long one.
(With the permission of Elder Teauroa) I actually had the honor of going with Elder Teauroa. Elder Teauroa is from Tahiti and is quite honestly the best man you will ever meet. He has only been speaking English for a month as he is going to the Scotland, Ireland Mission. The mission president asked me to go with him. It was such an honor to be chosen to go with him because the spirit he brings to a conversation is amazing.
Anyways, we were permitted to go to Manchester together, and having only 4 weeks of learning English, Elder Teauroa expressed that he was understandably very nervous to speak English to people. He didn't know much English and he felt uncomfortable talking to people in English. To be honest I was very nervous too because I would be heading up all the conversations with random people that I had never met before as a month-old missionary. It was very nerve wracking for both of us.
Nonetheless, we went into Manchester just Elder Teauroa and I. We talked to a couple people and it wasn't going bad, it just wasn't going very good either. Then I turned to Elder Teauroa and asked if he felt comfortable greeting people. He said his English was not so good but he was willing to try. I loved that response from him. Even though he was in a country where no one spoke his language and he was forced to rely on just his 4 weeks of learning English he was still willing to try. His example astounded me. He said he was still nervous and I told him "You can just say hello, say what you can and I can cover the rest."
This seemed to comfort him and we went on our way. I wish you guys could have seen him. He was so smiley and happy and waving at everyone, showing the joy that God and Christ had given him in his life. It was absolutely amazing! He would say as much as he could and when he couldn't say anymore, I would cover the rest. In the end in the 2 hours we were given to be there we were able to contact around 20 people and give away 2 Books of Mormons, one in English, one in Arabic. This was not due to my words I spoke to them or the answers I gave them from the Book of Mormon. It was because of Teauroa. They were able to see and feel the joy that the Book of Mormon, Bible, Christ, God and all the things the church speaks of brought into his life and how much joy it brought him.
This was so powerful to me, how the testimony and personality of this young man without words, could bring two people in such a short time to read the Book of Mormon and talk to the missionaries if they had more questions.
How could he do this, the only answer is with the help of the God. And he was definitely there with us that day in Manchester.
A little while later I was once again worried about learning German and going to Germany and Austria and Switzerland (I LEAVE IN LESS THAN TWO WEEKS) and I was getting so scared. Then oddly enough the words I spoke to Elder Teauroa popped into my head
"You can just say hello, say what you can, and I will cover the rest"
And boy did that hit me like a brick. God knows I am not good at German, God knows I have memory loss, God knows I'm nervous about getting out there not knowing much. But the same God that helped Moses part the seas, that guided Nephi and his family to America, can definitely help this missionary with a small language. And I am now very excited to go to Germany. I am grateful for Elder Teauroa and his example to me in my time of need because he helped me a lot more than I did him. I needed his example.
To close, I am so grateful for the experiences I have had here. I am grateful that the Lord has shown his hand during my struggles here and to be a witness of His miracles.

First photo is of me and Elder Teauroa in Manchester. Second photo is Elder Bauer and I in front of the Preston Temple (MIB reference).


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