November 14, 2019


Preston England MTC


Elder Blauer

Week #3

Hey everyone! This week was really good. I’ve decided though that, unfortunately, the MTC hates me, or I’m just accident prone? We were playing soccer (Fuutball) and in ONE DAY I gashed the back of my right calf and then I sprained my ankle. What a bummer! Luckily it wasn’t too bad and I am still able to walk haha! Oh and also, one of the guys laughed so hard that he threw up his Banana on me-so that was fantastic! 😊 😊 😊
Honestly this week was really fun. Nothing much happened other than a lot of studying German and playing American football (soccer was producing too many injuries for a few of us :0). English people don’t know how to throw a football, so we spent a lot of time teaching them how to throw and they were amazed! Give them a little more time and they will figure it out. 😉
A little update: In German class, our district is officially speaking full German within three weeks!! It’s only religious conversation mostly, but it’s been amazing to see that for 8 hours a day, guys that were brand new to the language three weeks ago can now teach in German. It’s inspiring to see the Lord’s hand in our learning because without Him, we DEFINITELY wouldn’t have been able to do this without Him. Other than that, it’s been a basic week here in England. In another 3 weeks, we will be off to the Alpines!!!

Our weekly temple trip. (Gray suits and pink ties are in style just FYI for ya’ll)
A picture of my leg after we cleaned up all the blood 😊
My companion’s drawing of me 😊
A couple pictures of our beautiful area!!!


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