November 4, 2019


Cortland, NY


Elder Tyler Blackham

Happy Halloween!

Hi family and friends and anyone outside of those to categories who somehow has gotten a hold of this!

This week has been a blast! Here are some highlights.
1. Zone Conference
This week zone conference. That was fun as usual. President Vest is hilarious. Normal zone conference the whole day and then at the very very end right before the prayer he holds up a copy of the New Missionary Handbook! He then proceeded to say, "I don't want you to get worked up over this but you should probably know that the new handbook is out and it will be made available to you all in a few weeks. We will talk more about it then. I just thought you should know." And then the prayer was said and we all got sent on our way back to our area. I got a little worked up.

2. Halloween!
Halloween was a little fun. Not the total blast like it is back home but still exciting. We left a box with some candy and free bible cards with a note that said Take One. We came back later that night and most of the candy was still there. I was shocked. I thought that there would always be some kid who takes the whole thing.

3. The rains came down.
And the flood warnings came up. This could technically be put under the 2. Halloween! But I figured that would make it unfairly long. On Halloween it Poured. I had my rain coat on and an umbrella and I still got pretty wet.

Love you all (even you who don't fall into family or friends categories)
Elder Warnick


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