October 22, 2018


Barrio Obrera


Elder Cuc

Sunsets and Zone Conferences


This week was a really good week! I mean it was super busy but those can be the best weeks.

We had zone conference and we talked a lot about the changes in the Sunday worship service block at church. The Stake President of the Dublan stake talked about us being able to motivate the members to live the Gospel in their homes. When it’s a permanent part of the home they can share and testify to all.

We have one more hour, it’s not another hour to nap or to rest from the work. It’s one more hour to hasten the work. In a letter from my father this last week he told me that these last few General Conferences the talks have been direct and easy to understand, he felt the messages from previous conferences needed to be mapped out.

I believe it’s because we are in a critical time and the work needs to hastened we need to accomplish our responsibilities. The messages are direct and simple for us because we must better apply them to our lives.

In news of our area well. The work is going, there are moments of success and moments of heartbreak but we are doing all we can to help those come unto Christ. This last week we were able to interview a family of 6 for their baptism and it was an amazing moment to see a whole family make this covenant.

I hope to be able to give you some more news next week about our area but for now that’s all.

Cuidense todos

-E. Reynolds


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