September 17, 2018


Barrio Obrera


Elder Cuc

Sunsets in México

Hola, Bueno,

Long week this one! And well not much has happened ha we are just chambeando duro (working hard).

One thing that did happen this week was zone conference! Powerful as usual but with one difference I had to direct the meeting! First church meeting I’ve ever directed! Super fun but I never thought I’d be here. Not just directing a church meeting but here in México doing what I’m doing! Never had I ever thought I would be serving two years in a mission and never had I ever thought I’d be so close to finishing the two years.

I know I still have a while to go but I’m so very happy for this decision and the way it has shaped me. God is ready to form us into the people He wants us to be, but we must first look for Him we must first be ready to change. That’s what I’m out here trying to help people do! Make a change in their lives and in their hearts! And I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else!

I’m so very thankful for the gospel and my family just want everyone back at home to know that this is the true church and that this is the gospel that will bring us back to our Heavenly Father as families!

Cuidense todos!

-E. Reynolds

p.s. the sunsets are amazing in México


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