October 2, 2017


Aeropuerto Ward


Elder Fabara

It looks Spanish

Que rolluqui vatito como esta la chamba?

Yupp, so for those of you back at home this is the type of Spanish I’m learning here. If any of you know Spanish you might look at this sentence and say "hmmmm I see Spanish words and words that look like Spanish but this makes absolutely no sense.” That is 100% correct! This makes no sense in any other country or to any person that speaks Spanish, but here in Juarez this is a completely normal sentence. It means “how’s it going little man, how’s the work going?” So for friends and family that will want me to speak Spanish when I get home just warning you that maybe it will come out a little --- cholo-y.

Anyway, this week was a great week. I mean it was General Conference so it gave us a great opportunity to show our investigators the General Authorities of the church and for them to feel the sacred spirit that we feel every Conference. It was a very good Conference for me and my companion and our investigators because we talked with all of our investigators about the story in Mosiah 24 and the comforting scripture in Doctrine & Covenants 6:36, which amazingly were both mentioned multiple times in conference. One of our youth investigators even turned to us and said "YOU TWO TOLD ME THE SAME STORY".

For those of you at home who know me, you know that I love the Lion King! And now thanks to W. Craig Zwick we have received confirmation of what I have always known to be true! That the story of the Lion King is inspired and is perfect for teaching gospel topics! But really I’ve come to appreciate the talks given in these Conferences. They are truly revelations from our Father in Heaven. We should take every talk seriously and try and figure out how it can be applied to our individual lives.

As for things in Juarez, things are great! My companion and I have 10 baptisms scheduled for this next Saturday, the familia Vaquera, they are an amazing family and are preparing for their first covenant with our Heavenly father! Prayers for this family so that they may feel ready for this special day!

I’m doing well here in Mexico. The food is great and it’s starting to show in my stomach. Yeah I thought I’d be too sick to gain any weight out here but I have been dead wrong so far. Why do they have to cook so well down here?

Anyway, thanks for all the support from home I love you all and cuidese! Talk to you all next week!

-E. Reynolds


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