February 10, 2020



Sorry I skipped a week but I’ll fill you in

well ladies and gentes, the last two weeks have been a roller coaster of craziness. It started last p day when we received a call from President saying that my companion would be transferred on wednesday and that my new companion would be elder lima. Well, about a half hour later we received another call from President saying that more things were being changed and that i would be training Elder Gomes. I was a only a little nervous to train, especially since i am not even close to comfortable with the language yet. but i dont have to train elder gomes in the language because he is from Recife, the northern part of brazil. Communicating has been a bit rough honestly but im learning so much portuguese, its fantastic. Well, me and elder mason spent our last p day together having a lot of fun, we bought new watches and had some açai, it was pretty great. We also went to a members how and we were taught how to make cuscuz, a type of food here. Our last day together we had district council and we brought food because elder mason would be leaving and that was really really good and fun. After we had lunch with a member and then we packed for a good chunk of the day. The last thing that we did together was a member who had been helping us a lot took us out and we got more açai, The açai this time though was in a boat, quite literally. Man it was some good açai. Well, the next day i got my new companion, Elder Gomes and right off the bat we started getting to work. We worked a lot this week with our area book because we are preparing to get smart phones in the next week or 2 weeks and so we have to clean out our area books of the people who have moved and we have no idea how to get in contact with them or the people that dont have an address or number to contact.Its really sad every time that we get rid of someones records but i know that they will definitely be getting another chance wherever they are because of the love our father in heaven has for everyone. We had some really good lessons with some of the people that we are teaching, it is always really exciting seeing them progress and hearing what things stood out to them in reading the book of mormon or how their prayers are going. Well, that was about it for this last week, now ill catch you all up on what happened the week before that i didnt write a letter for. So, a good chunk of what happened that week was we went to Iconha (the city that had been destroyed by water) thursday and helped a lot with transporting things to the actual city. Then on Saturday we went back and helped them again since it was the last day. We had a huge group go with like 26 missionaries and a whole lot of members from different wards in our stake. It was honestly crazy, especially since our group was about the only volunteers there. Going to Iconha has been an amazing experience, helping people not just with spiritual needs but helping them with the physical as well has been awesome. Well, thats about all this week. Hope everyone has an awesome week and ill talk with you all next week, see ya.


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