January 27, 2020



New transfer, iconha and church

well, this week was very different but was so cool. Also, i got some advice from my mother to add some more detail into my letters, so here goes, i will try it. So, we had transfers this last week and i am staying here for another six weeks in cidade continental, which i am completely fine with. This area is huge but is amazing. The people here are so nice and so open to talking with us. Our area has a few beaches in it. Sadly, we arent allowed to go on the beach so for me i would rather not have a beach since its pretty much the same. anyways, getting back to the week. Last week, right after i stopped tallking with family and writing my letter it began to rain, and lets just say that it rained for an entire week straight. Well, on tuesday we got a call from the assistants as we were heading back home for the night, they told us we would be heading to iconha, iconha is a city in espiritu santo that was hit hard by the rain and was completely destroyed by the rain. when i say destroyed, i mean that the water rose to 2 stories above ground and was strong enough to carry busses into buildings. well, early in the morning wednesday morning we got picked up by some people from another ward in our stake and headed off to iconha with the zone leaders. We never actually went to the city itself but went just outside the city to a giant pavilion where supplies were being stockpiled for the people in iconha and the whole day we helped the people load and unload supplies for the people of iconha. we unloaded literally everything that a person would need, from water to all different kinds of foods and toilet paper and personel hygiene to clothing for all ages and kitchen appliances and bedding supplies. lets just say that it was a whole lot of work. we got there at 9 in the morning and didnt leave until 7 at night. Well, we ended up doing the same thing the next day as well, we got up early and headed to iconha again for another day of loading and unloading, as well as we did a whole lot of organizing what we had unloaded the day before too. it was a whole lot of work but man was it fun, i had a great time just serving and they werent even people that i knew but were people in need and so i was happy to do it. One other cool thing that happened while we were doing this service, we were shown on tv, so that was pretty cool, we also shook hands with the governer and talked with him as he came through, so that was pretty cool as well. Well, we came back and on friday it was back to work, we had a pretty good day on friday, other than it raining the entire day, but it was a least cool instead of blazing hot, haha. We found 2 new people to teach and had some great lessons with the people who we are already teaching. well, saturday was a whole lot of walking, we walked from one end of our area to the other which took us roughly and hour and a half, but it was good, we talked with some people we were expecting to be at church and basically told them that we could get a ride for them if they needed it so that they would make it to church, and so that way they would have no excuse if they couldnt make it, haha. Well, sunday comes around and no one is there when sacrament starts and we were really sad, we had literally done everything we could, we had offered to come and get them if they needed us to come and get them and we would go with them to church, but they said that it wouldnt be necessary since they would be there. well, we were sitting in the chapel singing the sacrament hymn when one of the people that we were teaching shows up and we were so excited, we had finally gotten someone to come to church, it was awesome. We are super excited that we got someone to church, sunday was spent visiting the people who said they would come but couldnt, mostly to make sure nothing was wrong and that they were still good. We ended up having some really good lessons. well, that was my week, quite a bit this week, haha.


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