January 6, 2020



New week and a new year

well, this week felt both really long at some points and incredibly short at others, haha. We started off our week with little success and until new years, we had found no one new to teach and all of our lessons seemed to be falling through. Well, on new years we had one of the best days we have had in our area so far, we didnt have any lessons and so we decided that we would knock doors on one of the streets in our area by the beach (since that is where everyone was anyways) and we literally got into every single house on the street, we didnt get all of those people as new people to teach but we were able to find 2 new people as well as we got one referral. that was the beginning, the next day we got another referral from a member and we started teaching a family of 4 as well as one of the people we had all but stopped teaching called us and set up a lesson for that night at 7. We went on exchanges on friday as well, so i was with one of the zone leaders, elder menocal, whose is from nicaragua, he understands english pretty well and it was really cool to learn some more things from another person. on saturday we visited another family that was a referral and we were able to begin teaching them as well. This week was really good for us for finding people to teach, however, none of the people that we had been teaching and said they would come to church actually showed up, it was very frustrating but we are going to try some new things this week and really focus on getting people to church so im hopeful but we will see. Other than that, things have been pretty much the same. anyways, thats all this week, see everyone next week, ate logo.


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