December 30, 2019



Christmas time has come and gone and the new year is here

well, Christmas is over now. It was super fun to talk with my family and see them all together for the holidays. But now that is over and we are preparing for a new year and im very excited to see what the new year brings. This new year is going to be a little different from my last but im excited for all the new people i will meet and come to love here in Brazil.
Now, as far as the last week went, it was pretty fun and had a considerable amount of walkin in it, haha. We were able to get in contact with some people who had been previously taught and we found that they still had a desire to learn more. We were able to teach them and see their desire to learn more was only getting stronger. The only sad part was that we invited some people to sacrament and none of them showed up, we were very sad about that but we will see what happened and help them make it next time. The one cool thing that happened on sunday was that one of the sisters in the ward brought her husband who isnt a member to sacrament and we were able to meet him, we arent teaching him yet but we are hoping that shortly we will be able to start teaching him. That was about it for this week, heres to a new year for everyone and while i miss you all, im with you all in spirit. Enjoy the new year and know that i love you all. until next week.


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