December 16, 2019




well everyone, I have officially made it to Brazil.
so, this week has been a little crazy, I left from the Orange County, California airport at about 5 in the morning on monday morning, and flew to Atlanta. when I got to Atlanta I had a layover for about 5 hours before my next flight. But during this flight I met some members who let me use their phone and call my mom, so that was really nice. Also, if any of you are ever in an airport and you see a missionary, I suggest you let them use your phone and call home to talk with their families, it is very much appreciated by the missionary as well as the family (especially moms). Anyways, after the layover I flew from Atlanta to Rio overnight. Overnight plane rides are not the best place to get some sleep, I got about 3, maybe 4 hours of sleep on the plane, it was not the best, haha. When the plane landed in Rio at 6 am (about 2 Utah time) I ran from one flight to the other, haha. Luckily I met some really nice people who worked at the airport and they were able to help me find my flight to Vitoria and I am eternally grateful to those people because I would not have made my flight if not for them, haha. When I finally arrived in Vitoria I was very tired but very happy that I had made it, haha. the rest of my day was spent with the other new missionaries for Vitoria and learning what to do and what not to eat, or drink. Then, the rest of the week went by pretty quick, we whitewashed the area so we basically are starting from scratch. That just means we don ́t know the area as well so getting around has been an adventure, haha. I am loving this area though, I am working in the area Cidade de Continental, it's pretty close to the beach and the members, at least the ones that I've met so far are awesome haha. We have had lunch with members every day this week and I am loving the food here it is so good. Anyways, that's about it for this week, other than we have been walking a lot and I am just trying to get used to walking everywhere again after being spoiled in California, haha.
Até mais, see yall next week.

I havent had much of a chance to take photos yet but I will have more next week, I hope.


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