November 21, 2019



Long Week

So, y'all probably thought you weren't getting a letter from me this week but surprise, you are. So this last week was good as well as a little hard. Starting last week, we had district council and I was the one who led the discussion, I was absolutely terrified, haha. I am not that good with talking in front of many people but I got lucky, my district made it an actual discussion so I didn't have to talk that much except to tell what I liked and ask some questions. Last week I also got a foot detox. It sounds very weird and it is. One of the less active members we are helping to come back asked if we wanted a foot detox and so I said, why not. It was strange, the water that my feet were in changed color and smell and it was a little nasty, haha. Probably won't be doing that again. On another note we were able to set a baptismal date for Cheryl, who had a previous baptismal date and then canceled it (can't remember if I mentioned this before), we are super excited that she still wants to be baptized, the only problem is it isn't till January and a lot can happen between now and January. Anyways, we also had a wonderful soccer night this last Saturday and we had a lot if non members show up, so we were happy about that. We also had the primary program this last Sunday, it was so good. I forgot how awesome it is to see the little kids in the primary program. It made me a little homesick for my niece and nephews, haha. Things haven't been too good with finding and teaching this week, lots of people have canceled our appointments with them and not many people right now want to talk with us. On the bright side, we have been giving lots of blessings lately, so it has been a really cool experience to use the priesthood I have to give blessings of comfort as well as give blessings to those who are sick. The reason our P-day was today and not Monday was because today was our temple trip day and so we went to the San Diego temple. It is incredible, if you haven't been I suggest that you visit there. The temple is beautiful and the inside is so full of white it is incredible. I absolutely love the feeling inside the temple and look forward to going to the temple so much. We also this last week got to visit a member who has been very sick physically, he has had an infection in his feet that is so bad he was most likely going to lose his feet (they would have had to have been cut off). We gave him a blessing last week and this week we came back because he needed another blessing, I was expecting him to be needing another blessing on his feet but to my amazement, he was up walking around on his feet with little to no pain. The doctors had told him he was basically a walking miracle since the infection in his feet, which hadn't been getting better was almost completely cured. I was amazed again at the amazing power that the priesthood has. This time he asked for a blessing on his mouth since it was infected now. We gave him that blessing and shared a message with him before we left. So while this last week was a bit discouraging as far as teaching and finding people to teach, the blessings were still present. Anyways, that's about it for this last week. See y'all on Monday, haha.


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