November 11, 2019



Another week in Cali

So, this was another great week in California. We had a lot of fun things happen this week (most of which I can't remember, oops, haha). What I do remember however, was awesome. So this last week we had zone conference and I got to see a lot of familiar faces. I got to see my last companions as well as my last district. Zone conference was amazing and I learned a lot from it (as always). Then this last Thursday we decided to go and check on a person who had been previously taught but was for some reason no longer being taught. Well, we stopped by and she was so excited to see us I was a little bit shocked, no one is ever that excited to see us, not even the members, haha(Just Kidding). Her name is Rebecca and she is awesome, she was super happy to see us and we were able to set up a return appointment with her for this week so that was awesome. On Friday we were able to give a blessing to a little girl who was sick and I was the one to give the blessing, I was extremely nervous (even though it was in english and not Portuguese) but I did it and it felt amazing. The spirit that I felt afterwards was incredible. Then, on Saturday, we had set up to take Cheryl, one of our friends, to a baptism so that she could see how it worked. Well, Cheryl was super excited to come to the baptism all week then on Saturday morning, when one of the members went to pick her up for the baptism Cheryl couldn't unlock the door. We thought that was strange so we left the baptism and went over to her house, we found out that Cheryl had fallen and couldn't get to the door to unlock it (she is 66 and has some back problems). Her neighbor was able to come over and help her to stand up but later that night she fell again and was taken to the hospital, so that was scary. We were super worried about her and we were also super sad because that meant that she wouldn't be able to come to sacrament on Sunday. On Sunday we got some good news though, Cheryl was able to come home on Sunday night and, although she wasn't able to come to sacrament, she said that she was ready for her next lesson with us whenever, so that was good to hear. Also on Sunday we were able to give another blessing to a little boy before he was sent to the hospital because of how sick he was. This blessing was super cool, I anointed the boy's head and his father gave him the blessing. However, what made this blessing so cool was that his father blessed him in Russian, it was super cool to hear a blessing in a language I'd never heard in person before and although I wasn't able to understand what was being said, the love that I felt was amazing, it made me think that that was what our Heavenly Father must feel like everytime he sees us serving others and helping them to come closer to him. Anyways, that was my week and I hope that all of your weeks have been good, I love hearing from you all and can't wait to hear from you all next week again. Until next week, Tchau.


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