November 4, 2019




well, this week was pretty interesting. We had Halloween this last week and that was super fun to see all the kids dressed up in their costumes, we didn't do a ton of tracting on Halloween but we had a few lessons, we had to be back at our apartments at 6 on Halloween so most of our day was spent studying, haha. This last week we also had exchanges this week, so I was leading the area by myself for the first time. I was a little nervous, especially since my companion was from China and, while he spoke really good English, it was a bit harder to understand. But it was awesome, we managed to find someone to teach and since neither of us were allowed to drive we biked the whole day, I loved it. Another thing that happened this last week was Cheryl, who had a baptismal date, decided to postpone her baptismal date because her family wouldn't support her, it is really sad, she still wishes to be baptized and her family will support her but she has to wait until after the holidays to make sure she is getting baptized for the right reasons. Satan works in many ways to make sure that we are not following what God wants us to do, we are still working with Cheryl and will continue to do so, she has a testimony and knows this Gospel is true, all Satan has done is postpone a baptism but she will be baptized, now it is just a little bit further back, haha. Ending this on a positive note, we started a ward soccer night this week to help introduce more people to the missionaries in a less in your face way. It was so fun, I'm still not very good but I'm getting better the more I play. Anyways, that's all for this week, see y'all next week.


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