October 28, 2019



Transfer is over

hey yall
Dont have much time this week but just to keep it short I am in a new area and my companion is from Brazil, his name is elder Martins. We have had many miracles this week, one of which was we got to set a lady on date to be baptized next month, she is super excited and loves the gospel. Anyways. cant say much more but Love all of you and hope your week is good and Ill talk with you next week.
well, if yall thought that was all you were getting out of me this week, I'm back again. More on this week, one of the coolest things that happened this week was me and my companion one day decided that because we are over the mile limit on our cars by about three hundred miles that we would be riding bikes that day. Maybe a minute after we left the apartment on our bikes we ran into a person who was walking down the street, we stopped to talk with him and we found out that he was just barely beginning to read the bible and that he really wanted to learn more about God and Jesus Christ. We asked him if he would be willing to take a Book of Mormon and read the introduction that explains a little more about the book. We exchanged phone numbers with him and continued down the street. Later that night he called us and said that he had read the introduction and the testimony of the three witnesses and that he wanted to learn more. That was a super cool experience that we had, and I know that God had placed him in our path so that he could learn more about the gospel. More on Cheryl (she is the one that has the baptismal date for this next month) she is super nice, she had only been taught the restoration when I had gotten to the area but she had been to church twice. She loves the missionaries since she is a little older and her husband and brother have both passed away. When we taught her the plan of salvation she was so happy to have that knowledge that she would see her family again, it was amazing to see how the gospel had changed her life in just a short amount of time (she has only been being taught for about 2 weeks). All of the members in the ward are super nice and are really helping us to find people who are ready to receive the gospel. One family has been working with us to set up a soccer night for the ward because their neighbors and really good friends love soccer. They decided that this would be a good way to introduce them to the missionaries and the gospel without forcing the missionaries on them. This last saturday was also the trunk or treat for the ward, it was super fun, a lot of people showed up and lots of the members brought friends who weren't members and we got to talk with a few of them so that was super cool. The food was also really good, they did a chili cookoff and me and my companion were the judges, I had a really fun time trying all the different kinds of chilis. Another thing that was super fun was that this week I was able to listen to a sacrament meeting completely in eglish, I haven't had a sacrament meeting completely in english since I started my mission, it was a little weird to be able to understand everything, haha. All in all this week was pretty good and I am excited for the next week as well. I just want to add one more thing, me and my companion have been inviting members to post a scripture on their social media and explain a little about why you like that scripture and I just want to extend that invitation to all of you as well, sometime this week find a scripture that you like and explain a little about why you like it. Well that's about it, see y'all next week.
P.S. I don' t have any pictures this week, hopefully I will have some to send next week.


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